RAR Fire Force


ImageImageImageImageThe Rhodesian African Rifles manned 2 of the 4 main Fire Forces during the Rhodesian Bush War. During this period a Fire Force was made up of aircraft of the Rhodesian Air Force and included x1 K-car (Allouette III with 20mm cannon), x3 G-cars (Allouette III trooping helicopters each holding a stick of 4 askari), x1 Lynx (Reims 337 Cessna push pull ground attack aircraft), and one aging C-47 Dakota known as a Dac by the Rhodesians. The Dac would carry anything from 16 to 20 Rhodesian African Rifles paratroopers. Fire Force combinations could vary but by the end of the war there were Jumbo Fire Forces which were much bigger.

The models I made were presented to the Rhodesian Army Collection at the Bedford RAFA Club in Bedford. It now means that I have to make another Fire Force to recreate the contacts of the Rhodesian African Rifles superbly supported by the RhAF.

New 20mm and 28mm figures…


Having recently found new sets of figures by a company called Eureka, who produce 28mm Rhodesian bush war figures, and Under Fire Miniatures, who produce 20mm figures, it inspired me to continue adding to my collection of war games.

Having bought a number of packs of these new figures I decided to buy vehicles and aircraft to go with them. I bought a number of 2.5 unimog vehicles to make a Selous scouts column. I found these vehicles with S&S models and the weapons and vehicles from RH models.

The Selous scouts vehicles were festooned with various types of weaponry and I’ve taken some photographs of models I’ve already made up.



Here we go!


I have no idea what I’m doing so this should be interesting.

I’m looking forward to blogging my progress with my new war gaming project which will cover the Rhodesian bush war.

Bear with me!