RAR Fire Force


ImageImageImageImageThe Rhodesian African Rifles manned 2 of the 4 main Fire Forces during the Rhodesian Bush War. During this period a Fire Force was made up of aircraft of the Rhodesian Air Force and included x1 K-car (Allouette III with 20mm cannon), x3 G-cars (Allouette III trooping helicopters each holding a stick of 4 askari), x1 Lynx (Reims 337 Cessna push pull ground attack aircraft), and one aging C-47 Dakota known as a Dac by the Rhodesians. The Dac would carry anything from 16 to 20 Rhodesian African Rifles paratroopers. Fire Force combinations could vary but by the end of the war there were Jumbo Fire Forces which were much bigger.

The models I made were presented to the Rhodesian Army Collection at the Bedford RAFA Club in Bedford. It now means that I have to make another Fire Force to recreate the contacts of the Rhodesian African Rifles superbly supported by the RhAF.


8 thoughts on “RAR Fire Force

    • Hi Ash. Yes I made the stand so the models could go into the Rhodesian Collection in Bedford. Regret that I now have to make the complete fire force again. At least I have my cheetahs Bell 205s but need to make the weapons fits for them. Found excellent 30 cal machine guns which will do for 303 brownings. Sgts Mess do them. Will have a look at your site. John Hop

      • Hi Ash. The man him self. Your figures are probably the best I have seen. Didn’t realize it was you. Excellent I have really enjoyed your figures. Will try and achieve your standard. Would be great if you could tell us in detail how you painted and changed each figure. I am in the process of making a Scorpion 81mm Mortar Carrier. I have just commissioned a large batch of new RAR figures from Under Fire. Enjoy!

  1. Ash

    Hi John,
    Thanks very much, I’m glad you like them. My first delve into 20mm. Previously I was into 28mm, and if Under Fire remade the whole range in 28mm I’d probably buy them all over again!
    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed painting these little blokes and I’m really looking forward to the new RAR sticks. Very well played in commissioning them; are they sculpted by Tony Boustead?
    Incidentally he sculpted the WW2 range for TQD casting @ CP models, so they make a great source for head swaps/conversion bits, as the scale is identical.

    Also have a look at elhiem’s weapon packs, I used their .30cals on my G-cars.

    Looking forward to future posts.


    • Hi Ash. Yes I think I will do 20mm and 28mm but I do find you can get more aircraft and vehicles in 20mm scale. Yes I think Tony is doing the sculpts so I am looking forward to seeing those. I also asked for an RAR, 81mm mortar and crew and 106mm RCL and crew. Bill has had 20mm Grays Scouts made as well. I will post them when I get them. I am also in contact with Kosta who is doing 28mm RAR for Eureka. Thanks for the tips, keep them coming. John

      • Ash

        Hi John,
        Re the vehicles and aircraft; it’s been a lot easier and cheaper to source the models in 1/72. I’ve bought most of mine via eBay and on the rare occasions that I’ve seen a 1/48 scale Alouette , they go for £40+, whereas a 1/72 you can bag for £10 inc p&p.

        All the best,

  2. Hi Ash. As you say 20mm vehicles and aircraft easier to source, so I may continue doing that. I have got the Eureka G-car and K-car so will make those. Majority of Rhodesian Air Force aircraft were painted in Dark Earth Dark Green. Some Dacs in lighter colour because of strella. Making up a scorpion mortar carrier and Selous Scouts Pigs, Will post when complete. John

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