New 20mm and 28mm figures…


Having recently found new sets of figures by a company called Eureka, who produce 28mm Rhodesian bush war figures, and Under Fire Miniatures, who produce 20mm figures, it inspired me to continue adding to my collection of war games.

Having bought a number of packs of these new figures I decided to buy vehicles and aircraft to go with them. I bought a number of 2.5 unimog vehicles to make a Selous scouts column. I found these vehicles with S&S models and the weapons and vehicles from RH models.

The Selous scouts vehicles were festooned with various types of weaponry and I’ve taken some photographs of models I’ve already made up.




2 thoughts on “New 20mm and 28mm figures…

    • Hi David

      See my August 2014 article on his vehicles, but he is based in Australia. I need to order some of his vehicles as they are good

      David Feemantle and are compatible with 28mm Eureka Rhodesian Figures. His details are below.

      Dave Freemantle Rhodesian vehicle models
      Thanks for the plug, my contact email is and I use PayPal as it is very user friendly. Please let people know that I will need time to put orders together as I don’t carry much stock and make them as and when ordered.

      Contact David and he will put some together for you. All the best John Hop

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