Painting Rhodesian Army Figures




Painting Rhodesian Army Figures.

After much trial and error I came down to this set of colours to get the combat uniform as accurate as possible.

Camouflage shirt, trousers, combat jacket and combat cap.

Base colour:- Humbrol 83 plus a touch of Humbrol 103.

Green:- Humbrol 86.

Brown:- Humbrol 29.

Rolled sleeves Humbrol 83 and 103.

Webbing:- Humbrol 84.

Sleeping Bag:-  olive drab.

Masodja Skin colour:-Humbrol  29.


Rifle:- Base colour Humbrol 76 plus HM5 authentic humbrol, stripe pattern 83.

Rifle strap:- Humbrol 83 and Humbrol 103.

Cloth Badge.

The RAR cloth badge which was sewn on the front of the combat cap or floppy hat was green over black with a silver RAR shield badge in the centre. in later years when 2 RAR was formed 1RAR or 2RAR was sewn in silver beneath the RAR badge.

Cap cloth badge:- Humbrol 2 bottle green and humbrol 33 black.

Figure Base.

Figure Base:-  Humbrol 93 and Humbrol 103 high lights.


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