Having seen what war gamers are producing in the way of buildings for their Rhodesian War Games I decided to build a few classic buildings that one would find in the rural areas of Rhodesia during the war. I only wish I had taken more photographs of the various places I visited with their advertising bill boards etc. Whenever I now see a photograph with buildings in the back ground, I now save them in a file for further use.

In this blog I hope to do a number of Rhodesian buildings which will be relevant to the war and thus make the war game battlefield more reminiscent of what it was.

I bought a number of sheets of foam board from a local craft shop and then decided on my design which I drew to scale on paper. Once this was completed I traced the designs on to the foam board and then cut the pieces out with a sharp craft knife.

I made a base plate of foam board and then dry  fitted all my walls.

Once all the pieces had been trimmed I then glued them all together.

To carry on concurrent activity, while building the model, I ordered corrugated iron roofing from a company called Model Textures ( and the product was by Redutex, who do various roofs, walls etc, for the modeller in various scales. The corrugated roof comes in a rusty colour which I left as is.  I have seen examples in Rhodesia were they painting the roofs in a brick red colour. Some were even a green colour and with the white wash of the walls of the building, makes for an interesting scene.

I cut the roofing and cut mounting board to size. The roofing has a peel off back so you can stick it to the mounting board for rigidity.

Once this was all done I then PVA glued all the parts together and then covered the exposed edges of the foam board with hand cut print paper using PVA glue. This made clean edges but by hand cutting the paper, gave you a rough effect.

I then made the veranda columns from match sticks, which was a bit tedious but I did not have anything else to hand. I bought the matches in a bag from my local model shop. luckily they had made up some smaller packs, and not the usually large packs of match sticks that you get. All the matches were glued together with PVA glue and then covered with paper.

For my windows I used thin clear plastic from left over Christmas  packaging. These were glued into place and then window frames glued into place. Would advise doing this while the walls are still flat but glue paper inside window apertures before gluing windows. I did it after the building was built, which is much more difficult.

Once all was glued in place I painting the whole building with white gesso and then painted on the name of the bottle store and advertising using acrylic paints. I added some weathering by adding a little ochre to the white and a dirty band round the bottom of the building where heavy rains would have splashed the walls.

Veranda floor was probably left in the concrete colour but floors in the building might be a brick red colour.

Once all complete place on the table.


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