Selous Scouts Unimog 2.5 column vehicle.




Selous Scouts Unimog 2.5 column vehicle.

To make this version of the Selous Scouts Unimog 2.5 column vehicle as used in the cross border external raids into Mozambique, I ordered a batch of early closed cab Unimog bodies with long chassis, from S & S Models.

The other version of the Unimog 2.5 was also ordered which had an open cab and open cargo tray.

I also ordered weapons fits (MAG, 50 Cal, 303 brownings, Gurunov 12,7 and AA weapon) which I then glued together to make various combinations as per the column vehicles seen in various photographs. These were ordered from RH Models.

Not many changes had to be made to these vehicles as they were used as is. One addition which you do not see here is the Barber plates which were placed beneath the cabs to protect against mine blast.

I trimmed back the lugs underneath the body work to make them fit into the chassis using clippers. Then I glued the cab and cargo tray into the chassis using epoxy resin. Wheels, spare wheel and weapons fits were fitted and glued into place using epoxy resin glue.


To complete the vehicles I spray painted overall with black or dark grey primer and then painted in pseudo Mozambique Army colours. Dark green created by mixing Humbrol 76 uniform green,  Humbrol 75 bronz green and humbrol 89 light blue. Dry brush Humbrol 62 for dirt and rust. Humbrol 28 to dry brush highlights.



2 thoughts on “Selous Scouts Unimog 2.5 column vehicle.

  1. Hi Pete many thanks for your comments. I am hoping to add to my Selous Scouts column vehicles (2.5 Unimogs). Just received another batch of S & S Models 2.5s. I am going to try and build a Scorpion Mortar Carrier so S&S Models can model.
    Just bought two packs of 25pdr Artillery by 20mmZone. Very nice! Now I have to make the 7.5 MAP to tow them. All the best John.

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