Unimog 2.5 106mm RCL carrier.






Unimog 2.5 106mm RCL carrier.

To make this version of the Unimog 2.5 106mm RCL carrier I ordered a batch of early open cab Unimog bodies with long chassis, from S & S Models.

I trimmed back the lugs underneath the body work to make them fit into the chassis using clippers. Then I glued the cab and cargo tray into the chassis using epoxy resin.


The rear cargo tray was then trimmed using the clippers to cut back ever small pieces of the rear flap so as not break the sides.


Once this was done on the four vehicles I then glued into place the trail legs for the 106mm RCL making sure that the small wheel on the trail was facing forward as would be the case in the real vehicle.


In the real vehicle the weapon was rolled off or onto the rear of the vehicle by the crew pulling up the carrying handles and then trollying the weapon on to the vehicle up a ramp which had been extended from the back of the cargo tray.


The 106mm RCL weapon was the ground mount version ordered from RH Models.


The half windscreen for the vehicle was created by cutting and trimming the wind screen provided in half with the clippers. Glue into place at the end using blue tack to hold in place.


I then added the raised platform into which the weapon was positioned by using milliput. leave a centre track for the weapons wheel to go into. The expert modeller would use plastic card to make the platform.


I left the doors on the Unimog as I broke a couple of the cabs, trying to remove the doors as would have been the case in the real vehicle. Some did retain the doors.


To add final detail I added the central ramp, spare wheel, boxes under the cargo tray at the rear and deflection plates hanging off the rear of the vehicle I assume these were to assist the crew when putting weapon back on the vehicle. I also cut a simple barrel clamp to get the weapon to rest at the right angle.


To complete I spray painted overall with black or dark grey primer and then painted in Rhodesian Army colours. Dark green created by mixing Humbrol 76 uniform green,  Humbrol 75 bronz green and humbrol 89 light blue. The ochre colour was created by using Humbrol 83. Dry brush Humbrol 62 for dirt and rust. Humbrol 28 to dry brush highlights.

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