NEW! RAR 20mm figures from Under Fire Miniatures.


Well Bill has told me I can show these new RAR 20mm figures by Under Fire Miniatures on my blog. These are the original sculpts and I have just received a bag of metal figures. Absolutely superb figures and brilliant sculpt by Tony. I am hoping in the future we might be able to do the 81mm mortar team, 106mm RCL team and 60mm Commando mortar, which I hoped to get done with this commission. Heres looking to the future.ImageImageImageImageImage


Rhodesian Army C *@! Cap (Combat Cap).



The Rhodesian Army combat cap was designed with a rear flap to keep rain and sun off your neck. Folding out in two folds and could be buttoned back up in to place. In general the RAR Askari liked to wear his cap with the first fold unfolded, but it varied.

During Fireforce operations a Day Glow patch was sewn into the inner cap, so that troops could be identified on the ground by overflying helicopters and aircraft of the Rhodesian Air Force. Once on the ground troops would fold their combat caps or floppy hats inside out so as to show the day glow.

This cap is a 1 RAR cloth badged cap but originally the cloth badge only had the silver RAR shield on it. Once the 2nd Bn RAR was formed the 1 RAR or 2 RAR was added to denote which battalion.

The Selous Scouts Pig. (20mm canon)






The Pig was based on a Unimog 2.5 chassis and made in the Selous Scouts work shops. They were created to lead their external raids into Mozambique so as to provide ambush protection to the lead vehicles. They were not mine protected. Mounted with a 20mm canon and a number of MAG it was a lethal combination. The 20mm Unimog base vehicles I used was the Unimog UR-416 made by Model Miniatures of France. 1/72 scale ref: MM-RO49.

RAR Fireforce notes


These are the basic notes for the running of a standard Fireforce. towards the end of the Rhodesian Bush War. At the very end there were Jumbo Fireforces.ImageImageImageImage

Organisation of an RAR battalion.


I have placed some old School of Infantry notes which I made as a snotty nosed Officer Cadet. We were usually half asleep due the beasting we were getting. So excuse the spelling mistakes and incorrect abbreviations. I do not have the original typed army notes.

An RAR Platoon HQ. Pl commander Lt or 2lt, (FN),PWO (Platoon Warrant Officer) (FN), Pl Sgt (FN), Batman Rfn (FN), Radio operators x2 (FN), Drivers x2 (FN).

3 sections in a platoon.

An RAR section was commanded by a Cpl (with FN), X6 Rfn (with FN), Section 2i/c L/Cpl (with FN) with MAG Gunner. (During Fireforce ops issued with extra MAG)

These notes give you a basic brake down of an RAR Bn, Coy and Pl.

I notice one of the notes says 2RAR has G3s but they had FN.

I will ImageImageImageImageImagetry and issue RLI, Greys Scouts and other organisational details in the future.