Selous Scouts Pig







Selous Scouts Pigs

The Selous Scouts Pigs were based on the design of the German Unimog UR-146 and the Rhodesian Army did not buy any of these vehicles, but extemporised their own from boiler plate in the Selous Scouts workshops. They were created to provide ambush protected vehicles for cross border operations and to lead columns. I believe there were two of these vehicles, one mounted with a 20mm canon and the other with twin 50 calibre browning’s. Each vehicle also had single MAGs mounted on each side of the vehicles.

I used a pair of 1/72 Unimog UR – 416, made by Model Miniatures in France. These are beautiful resin models and ideal for this vehicle. I also used various weapons mounts from RH Models who do an excellent range of modern weapons.

On the Pig with the twin 50 calibre mounting I built a front section above the drivers compartment, behind which was mounted the weapon. Angled shields were added either side of the browning mount. I then drilled holes toward the rear of the vehicle and using milliput and araldite, installed the single MAG mounts. A spare Unimog wheel and a small box were clued to the rear of the vehicle.

The tops of the Pigs were open affairs compared to the UR-146 which had a roof with hatches. I will just paint the top black to make up for this. The vehicle will be painted in the Rhodesian overall dark green colour as used in previous projects.

The second Pig with the 20mm cannon mount and two MAG mounts did not have the structure above the driving compartment as compared to the Pig above.Image


2 thoughts on “Selous Scouts Pig

  1. Vincent Stella

    John, Hello my busy friend. I am impressed with the info you’ve provided on Fireforce ops and the inspiration you’ve given me for both the RAR and the Selous Scout Pig….though I’m going to have be a bit creative with that since Unimogs are in short supply in 1/50-1/56th scale. I love the Eureka 28mm RAR you helped design and I’m already looking to buy at least two full sets of the figures. Wow, figures to buy, painting guides and historical references….its like a mini (pun intended) Rhodesian Christmas. Take care my friend, Vince.

  2. Hi Vince, I dug out all my old rough notes, unfortunately I never kept the copies of the typed documents. Glad you are finding the postings of interest. The whole point is to help everyone interested in the period. Will be posting more on RLI, GREYS SCOUTS, RR and Artillery. I cant find anything on Armoured cars or Tanks at the moment. Will keep digging shamwari! John

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