New Eureka 28mm RAR (Rhodesian African Rifles) figures


Well gentlemen they have finally arrived. thirteen new RAR figures from Kosta. I only have images of eight at the moment but they are very detailed and accurate. Kosta tells me he has another four advancing askari in combat caps with a European officer. These figures are outstanding and Kosta has done a brilliant sculpt.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

The Rhodesian African Rifles were an elite Fireforce Airborne unit ranked amongst the Airborne and Special Forces units of Rhodesia and Southern Africa.


8 thoughts on “New Eureka 28mm RAR (Rhodesian African Rifles) figures

  1. Hi Ash. They are rather lovely, are they not! Yes I think Kosta said they will have these figures at Salute 2014. Kosta is sending me some Bucksheesh figures as I helped him with all the research and detail. Looking forward to receiving those and will be ordering a lot more. I am trying to commission Kosta to do some special RAR figures, but no luck so far. This is a great start.

  2. Hi John,

    These are indeed lovely figures that Kosta has made, some of his best.

    Given your background can I ask an organisation question please?

    My understanding is that a RAR platoon would be formed close to the following from 1965 to about 1973, or just prior to Fireforce operations.

    Platoon Headquarters
    Lieutenant (Senior Leader) with SMG or
    Platoon Warrant Officer (Senior Leader) with FN-FAL
    One radio operator with an FN-FAL
    One trooper with an FN-FAL

    There are two Sections per Platoon, each
    Section Headquarters
    Corporal (Junior Leader) with an FN-FAL
    Two troopers with an FN-FAL, one as medic

    There are two Groups per Section, each
    Gun Group
    L/Cpl with FN-FAL,
    Gunner with an FN-MAG Trooper with an FN-FAL

    Rifle Group 5 troopers with an L1A1

    After that time I assume (and I guess you know) that the organisation would be aligned to the use of Allo’s and the Fireforce concept of three sicks and a K-Car.

    Troop Headquarters
    Sergeant (Senior Leader) with an FN-FAL
    One radio operator with an FN-FAL
    One trooper operator with an FN-FAL

    There are three Sticks per Troop, each

    Stick Leader (Junior Leader) with an FN-FAL
    Gunner with an FN-MAG
    Two Troopers with an FN-FAL, one as medic

    Can you shed some light on the exact (if you have it) details of the platoon organisation please?

    Kind regards


  3. Hi Rolf, If you listen to the Regimental march of the RAR (Sweet Banana) it actually tells you the structure of the RAR over the years. Early years A,B,C,D,E, HQ Coys. Later years A,B,C,D,SP,HQ Coys. Structure of a platoon later war period was Pl HQ with three sections, with three platoons in each company with Coy HQ. During Fireforce ops the complete company would deploy to a FAF. one platoon may deploy into the bush on OPs. one platoon would take over helicopter trooping and the other platoon, paratrooping tasks. Or a mix. The platoon sections would then shake out into sticks of four. Standard Fireforce x1 K-car, x3 G-car, x1 Lynx, x1 Paradac. First wave 3 sticks of four, follow up wave or second wave in vehicles would get close to the contact, 3 sticks of four askari, spare barrels of avtur, ammo, radios, batteries etc etc. Para element x4 sticks of four paratroopers with two wankers jumping with them to carry spare radios and pack up parachutes. European and African officers went in on every operation so there was no let up for them.

    Give me some time and I will give you a clear break down of the RAR. May have to do it in sections. Will dig out my old school of Inf notes. All the best John Hop

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for that nice breakdown….excellent!

      I am looking to use the info for TFL Chain of Command and so the specifics of the platoon structure is kind of important.

      If you can provide a more detail breakdown of the platoon structure from 1965-79 as you suggested from your reply then that would be fantastic – thank you.

      That organisation structure I posted is how the Platoon Lists look so if your able to work of that then that would make it easy to adjust to the specifics required.

      By the way, off the top you head, did the RLI use the same platoon structure both before and after they went to Fireforce operations?…and the RR Indep Companies?

      Thanks again.


  4. Hi Rolf, I will stick my neck out and say that RLI may have had an infantry structure in the early years but it became a Commando structure later on. I will get on to the Ouens for you. I know the last CO of 1 RLI quite well so will try and contact him too. RR would have been similar to RAR but RAR did have some distinct differences. RAR had two RSMs, one black one white. Each platoon had a Pl Commander usually a 2/Lt or Lt, white or black, and a PWO (Platoon Warrant Officer) and a Platoon Sergeant, both African. Give me time to give you a clear breakdown and I will post them a bit at a time. I have the spiders for RAR, RLI and RR late war. All the best John Hop

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