Painting 28mm RAR Figures


Painting RAR Figures.

After much trial and error I came down to this set of colours to get the combat uniform as accurate as possible.

Camouflage shirt, trousers, combat jacket and combat cap.

Base colour:- Humbrol 83 plus a touch of Humbrol 103.

Green:- Humbrol 86.

Brown:- Humbrol 29. Plus a touch of Humbrol 70


Rolled sleeves Humbrol 83 and 103.


Webbing:- Humbrol 84.


Sleeping Bag:-  olive drab. Humbrol 75.


Masodja Skin colour:-Humbrol  29.


Rifle:- Base colour Humbrol 76 plus HM5 authentic humbrol, stripe pattern 83.

Rifle strap:- Humbrol 83 and Humbrol 103.


Cloth Badge.

The RAR cloth badge which was sewn on the front of the combat cap or floppy hat was green over black with a silver RAR shield badge in the centre. in later years when 2 RAR was formed 1RAR or 2RAR was sewn in silver beneath the RAR badge.


Cap cloth badge:- Humbrol 2 bottle green and humbrol 33 black.


Figure Base.

Figure Base:-  Humbrol 93 and Humbrol 103 high lights.


Leather Machette.

Sheath Humbrol 70, Handle Humbrol 33 matt black.


Canvas Machette.

Canvas Sheath Humbrol 84. Handle Humbrol 70.


Plastic Bottle tops.

Humbrol 76 Uniform green.


Toggle Rope.

Humbrol 103


MAG Belts. Every fifth round, red tipped tracer and last three rounds with red tipped tracer.ImageImageImageImage

6 thoughts on “Painting 28mm RAR Figures

  1. Ash

    Just picked up the Eureka RAR minis from Salute, also the Selous Scout figure and the Portuguese troops. I painted my 20mm RAR with brown boots, what colour should they be?

  2. Hi Ash I would say we always wore black combat boots in the RAR. I cant remember anyone wearing brown boots. There may have been the odd occasion when an individual wore brown clandestine boots, but black was the colour. I will check.

  3. Hi Ash. Yes those are my illustrations in Masodja. Have you had a chance to look at the DVD in the book? Front Line Rhodesia probably the best combat footage of the whole war. It shows A Coy 2 RAR Fireforce. In fact I met Chris Vincent on Saturday, TC Day Lunch in the Rifles club, London. Chris is in the film. Guy with the floppy hat.

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