Organisation of an RAR battalion.


I have placed some old School of Infantry notes which I made as a snotty nosed Officer Cadet. We were usually half asleep due the beasting we were getting. So excuse the spelling mistakes and incorrect abbreviations. I do not have the original typed army notes.

An RAR Platoon HQ. Pl commander Lt or 2lt, (FN),PWO (Platoon Warrant Officer) (FN), Pl Sgt (FN), Batman Rfn (FN), Radio operators x2 (FN), Drivers x2 (FN).

3 sections in a platoon.

An RAR section was commanded by a Cpl (with FN), X6 Rfn (with FN), Section 2i/c L/Cpl (with FN) with MAG Gunner. (During Fireforce ops issued with extra MAG)

These notes give you a basic brake down of an RAR Bn, Coy and Pl.

I notice one of the notes says 2RAR has G3s but they had FN.

I will ImageImageImageImageImagetry and issue RLI, Greys Scouts and other organisational details in the future.


9 thoughts on “Organisation of an RAR battalion.

    • …just quickly John,

      What year are those notes related to?…and do you have an idea when that TOE as you describe was common or standard?



  1. Hi Rolf not sure what you referring to (TOE). These were late war notes but this would have been the structure for RAR for some years during the late period. I would say the only change before that ,would have the types of vehicles which carried a platoon. If you not that there are x3 Mortars (Probably Commando) and x3 3.5 (88mm) Rocket Launchers in a company. Thus 1 per Platoon. We didn’t use them but those would have been issued to Pl HQ during conventional ops. If you look at WWII British platoons, there is quite a similarity except they would have 2 inch mortar and PIAT.

  2. Hi John,

    Wrong term (TOE). I was referring to the platoon structure you scanned in. I take it the later period was 1978+? Points noted regards earlier structure – thanks.


  3. Hi Rolf, I will stick my neck out and would say the Coy, Pl and Section structures probably go back quite far into the 60s. Support Company only came in when E Coy went over to 2 RAR I believe. I will check the book Masodja. Early 60s weapons were smg, SLR, bren gun. Soon to be replaced by Uzi, FN and MAG. We never used UZI.

  4. OK.

    So pretty much unless a platoon/company was on Fireforce duties then it would/could deploy on land in the formations shown above. If that;s the case that is interesting as I was under the impression that all units pretty much went over to the 4-man stick formation.

    So by rights, if that is the case, it’s most likely that the RR, Indep Coys, RLI, RAR and most any regular army commando/infantry type structures retained the standard platoon structure and only when on Fireforce duties, would a 4 man stick be used to fit in the Allo. Would that be a fair assessment?

    …with the SAS, SS, Greys Scouts having their own structure based on their own ops.


  5. Hi Rolf. Yes RAR Coy would deploy as an entity with its platoons, and I would assume an RLI Cdo would do the same. Will try and check that with the RLI Ouens! Will see if I have anything on SAS, and SS. Just shake out into 4 man sticks for G-Cars. x4 4 man Paratrooper sticks for Paradac. As the Paras would be flown out by G-Car after the contact.

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