Rhodesian Army C *@! Cap (Combat Cap).



The Rhodesian Army combat cap was designed with a rear flap to keep rain and sun off your neck. Folding out in two folds and could be buttoned back up in to place. In general the RAR Askari liked to wear his cap with the first fold unfolded, but it varied.

During Fireforce operations a Day Glow patch was sewn into the inner cap, so that troops could be identified on the ground by overflying helicopters and aircraft of the Rhodesian Air Force. Once on the ground troops would fold their combat caps or floppy hats inside out so as to show the day glow.

This cap is a 1 RAR cloth badged cap but originally the cloth badge only had the silver RAR shield on it. Once the 2nd Bn RAR was formed the 1 RAR or 2 RAR was added to denote which battalion.


9 thoughts on “Rhodesian Army C *@! Cap (Combat Cap).

  1. zhodanicommando

    Hello John,

    I just got my book Masodja a few days ago and was going through the pages and came across the color drawings. Really nice artwork and photos in book. I didn’t look close but saw the picture with a fire force deployed and the orange-ish tops, but looking at the picture I hadn’t realized it was the hat turned inside out. I thought maybe they had sewn or painted something on top for friendly aircraft ID. Your pictures are great to show me the error of my thought. Back in the early 80’s I was a LRRP and we operated in 4 man teams but not in the same manner as the Fire Force concept. Once deployed we had no hope of seeing friendly aircraft for a while, so we had no need for that with our patrol caps. Of course we where trained to fight the war that never happened, though now a days it looks like it might. Thank you for your interesting commentary and photos on a subject that I have recently found a fancy for.


    • Hi Kevin
      Thanks for the kind comments. I am trying to give those war gamers who are interested in the period, a little bit of extra detail. Hope this is helping to fill in a few details. Books can give you an overview but never enough small detail. I bet your time in the LRRPs was very interesting to say the least! I am hoping to get more RAR figures made in 20mm and 28mm scale, with more support weapons etc.
      All the best
      John Hop

  2. Ash

    I used to have one of those with a PATU badge on the front, some gunge little tosser nicked it when I was on a cadet camp mid 80’s. Still annoyed about that…

  3. Hi Ash, That would have been very collectable now! Bill tells me the new 20mm RAR figures should be with me on Monday. 19 figures in all. Unfortunately we didn’t get a 81mm mortar team or RCL team done. I had also asked for an individual firing a 60mm commando mortar. Maybe in the future?

  4. Ash

    I’ve still got a camo jacket and a set of webbing, although I’m pretty sure the kidney pouches are the old SADF type from the early 60’s. Re the Underfire 20mm, why 19? Did the last stick not get an RPG or an MAG gunner?

  5. HI Ash, Were you with PATU? Just got all the new 20mm RAR figures and they are absolutely brilliant. I will ask Bill if I can post them. Unfortunately no support weapons at this time. There is an RPG7 gunner. We will work on it. These figures will double for RhSAS, Selous Scouts, RR, PATU, Support Unit, etc etc. All the best mate!

  6. Hi Ash, It was 19 as there was a little mix up in the order. I was originally hoping for an 81mm mortar team, 60mm commando mortar operator and 106mm RCL team. I think you will really like what you see. Tony has done a brilliant job!

  7. Ash

    Hi John, I was only twelve in 1980. Got the PATU hat off a mate of my Dad’s who rowned a rather well known estate agency in Salisbury. Most of the blokes on the agricultural estate my old man worked on were ex PATU, so picked up all the webbing bits from various cupboard clear outs. I’m actually quite excited to get hold of the new minis, and I haven’t even painted the 28mm Eureka ones yet.

    • Hi Ash I have seen your Eureka RAR figures. Very nicely painted! Have you had a chance to see the Under Fire Miniatures 20mm figures. Cant wait to see how you paint those. Theres a combat tracker team in that lot. Drop me an email when you get a chance. John Hop

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