More Under fire Miniatures




10 thoughts on “More Under fire Miniatures

    • Hi Ash. Glad you like them. Not in your class of painting but I keep trying! These figures are brilliant and Tony did a fantastic job. I just ordered the Greys Scouts and they are brilliant as well. Ye put some para wings on especialy for the vulture call signs, paratroopers. I have painted some up as RhSAS and may do some others as ES troops. RR, RLI, BSAP Support Unit etc, dismounted Greys Scouts. My email is if you wish to e-mail me. All the best shamwari

      • Ash

        I’ve been thinking about the Grey’s, but not ever tried painting an animal… I was wondering if the riders could be converted to sit inside the G cars, could you post a picture of the blokes without the horses when you get some. I’ll send you an email with my contacts details.

      • Hi Ash
        Yes drop me an email. Greys Scouts figures are brilliant. You may be able to do a conversion on them for heliborne troops. You would have to remove all hats. (stuffed in combat jacket or shirt). All FNs pointing out of G-car in the lap of each soldier. MAG Gunner directly behind pilot on the outside seat, wpn in lap, pointing out. Stick commander on the inside seat next to him. Could have headset on to communicate with pilot. Over the years the stick commander position did differ but that was the last variation.

  1. Great work on those- really look good. I’ve just finished prepping and undercoating some to be painted up.

    Quick question- how common were painted FN FALs?



    • Hi Pete. Cant be sure how early in the war weapons were painted but you can say by 1977,onwards, all weapons FNs and MAGs were painted in the classis colours seen on vehicles during the war. That light green ochre and dark green colour. Infact we painted everything, mess tins, spoons, cammo cream tubes (ex butter tubes), you name it. One ouen cammod his toilet paper! RhSAS probably doing it much earlier. See the DVD in the history of the RAR ‘Masodja’. Hope this helps. John Hop

      • Thanks for the info- I’ll probably paint half with camo and half with out then.

        I’ll borrow the DVD from my mate- I know he has a copy of the ‘Masodja’ book.



  2. Hi Pete In 1RAR and most of the Regular Battalions all weapons were camouflaged but how early in the war I am not sure. I will ask the chaps if anyone knows how early they started painting weapons. All weapons were camouflaged at School of Infantry. Depends which part of the war. Glad it helped. John Hop

    • Thanks. I was interested to read that the weapons painting was done by the School of Infantry- I had assumed that it was an ad-hoc unit by unit thing.



      • Hi Pete. I think you will find probably the whole army was Camouflaging weapons by the end of the war. On my Officer Commissioning Course at School of Infantry all weapons were camouflaged in our armory. Of course the odd new weapon or refurbished weapon may be clean but would be painted along the way. I will try and pin it down when it all started! John Hop

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