Eureka 28mm Rhodesian African Rifles (new)


I just received the latest Rhodesian African Rifles 28mm figures from Eureka Miniatures in Australia. The figures are superb.The detail is something to behold. Hope you enjoy these.


5 thoughts on “Eureka 28mm Rhodesian African Rifles (new)

  1. Hi Ash. Yes the ES Officer is a beaut! With a change of head with combat cap, you would have a great variation. Infact this figure is based on Lt Chomps Fleetwood. Actually he normally wore a combat cap.Would like to commission Kosta to do some variations in webbing as individual officers. Could do with separate heads with different head gear. Will add a sleeping bag to this figure. The other figures are great to!

  2. Hi John, Its been a while since I’ve written but work has kept me busy. I wanted to thank you again for your help with getting the 28mm RAR to finally see the light of day. I am heading to Historicon next week and Rob Walters who runs Eureka Minis USA already has two sets of all the RAR pulled aside for me to pick up. I would love to see more figures along the lines you propose above so keep after Kosta to pump out more of his great figures. I wish they also did Rhodie Unimogs in 1/56 scale like UF’s 20mm vehicles but I guess I can’t have everything. Also, keep posting the historical info you have as it only helps the hobby and keep the history of Rhodesia alive. Thanks again, brother. Vince

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