Just a few of the vehicles I painted up this weekend. Majority are S & S Models 20mm but there are also a number of plastic kits and RH Models metal 20mm weapons.

An old Skytrex Bedford RL I found in the box.

The S & S Models Bedford RL is excellent but we could do with one with an open cargo tray. This could be mine proofed with sandbags and conveyor belting. Central seating system would also have to be added so troops can face outwards.

Number of metal 20mm weapons by RH Models.



  1. I bought the ICM soviet BTR, the Pegasus T-85’s and the Ace ZU-32-U’s with the exact thing in mind, the idea taken from the book Pathfinder Company: The Philistines. I haven’t gotten around to finishing mine yet, but your’s look great!
    I reckon I’d like to game them using Force on Force: Bush Wars, but need to look into it further.

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