Operation Zero.

Although ZIPRA had only 2500 men operating in Matabeleland by Easter 1979, eight ZIPRA battalions had been regrouped at Mulungushi training camp in Zambia while a ninth, a motorised battalion, equipped with SAM-7 missiles and 14,5 A/A guns was said to be held in Livingstone in readiness to storm Victoria Falls bridge.

The military statistics were somewhat alarming. The Rhodesian Forces knew that ZIPRA planned to infiltrate 9000 men to occupy Victoria Falls, Pandamatenga and Plumtree. Of ZIPRA’s 20,000 trained men biding their time in Zambia, 4000 were conventionally trained.

A great deal of equipment was provided to equip ZIPRA in the conventional roll. Vehicles such as ten T34s, BTR 152s, BRDM2s, GSP Bridging Equipment, PTS-M amphibious cargo carriers, D 30 artillery, various trucks and support equipment. What is not sure is if ZIPRA had more tanks in Zambia. The mechanized battalion could have anything up to 60 BTR152s and an attached company of 10 T34 tanks, going by Soviet ORBATs of the period.

ZIPRA with the aid of the Soviet Union was building its own air force of a squadron of Mig 21s which were not quite ready by the Cease Fire of 1979.

Even though large amounts of this ZIPRA equipment was left in Zambia with Zimbabwe independence, large amounts of vehicles and equipment did enter Zimbabwe. Much of this equipment was placed in camps at Gwaai River Mine, and the 10 T34s and numbers of BTR152s and other vehicles were based at Essexvale Battle School. About 2000 ZIPRA men were housed in Entumbane township, alongside 2000 ZANLA men. The 1st Bn Rhodesian African Rifles realised that the RAR could not disband as the threat from fractional fighting between ZIPRA and ZANLA was inevitable.

In February 1981 sometime after the independence of Zimbabwe, factional fighting between ZIPRA and ZANLA broke out for the second time in the Entumbane area on the outskirts of Bulawayo. This was the second battle of Entumbane, but this time it was the returning terrorist forces which were to come short, and not innocent civilians. In the first Entumbane battle 179 innocent African civilians were killed by ZANLA, before the RAR could stop the slaughter.

In February 1981 when fighting broke out again between ZIPRA and ZANLA the RAR was waiting. C Coy 1RAR was holding the Beer Hall Hill and came under sustained attack. 1 RAR then deployed 4 Eland 90 armoured cars to block the main road from Essexvale which was the main armoured threat. Troops from Support Company and 1 Pl A Coy supported the armoured cars. In a night action 3 BTR 152s were destroyed (60 ZIPRA dead) and a further BTR 152 which escaped down the side roads was hit by a police vehicle, and disabled. On the other road into Bulawayo 3 Pl A Coy ambushed a ZIPRA command vehicle, destroying it with machinegun fire and capturing 8 ZIPRA officers. B Coy 1 RAR cordoned off the Western edge of Bulawayo as the Zimbabwe National Army had run away. D Coy 1RAR took ‘lurkers’ Ridge and once relieved by A Coy advanced with the armoured cars into the township to relieve the surrounded C Coy.

Looking at these series of photos, I would say 0-60 and 0-120 were hit in the front of the vehicle by the Eland 90s, 0-7- was hit in the rear by an Eland 90, I believe 0-110 was the BTR 152 hit by a police vehicle?

In conclusion it can be seen that without air superiority or at least parity, ZIPRA and its conventionally trained men would have been dealt a severe blow by the Rhodesian Air Force, Rhodesian Army units, Rhodesian Armoured Cars, Rhodesian T54s, and Rhodesian Artillery.destroyed BTR 152 btrs 3 btrs 0-120 btrs 0-60 BTR 0.70 DETAIL 2 IMG_1049 IMG_1050 IMG_1051

6 thoughts on “ZIPRA BTR 152

  1. John, How are you my friend? Sorry its been awhile since I wrote, I guess I kept letting things get in the way. First, nice job with the ZIPRA vehicles you have above. Unfortunately, there are fewer choices in 28mm scale so in keeping with an old motto I always used when I was in the military: “Adapt, Improvise, Overcome”, I have tried to do the same with my miniatures. I managed to acquire two 1/50 scale Solido Diecast French fire truck Unimog 406s that I will repaint as Rhodesian Unimogs. I ordered some 28mm WWII German seated drivers with forage caps that I’ll convert to Rhodesian drivers. I was fortunate to get to the Historicon gaming convention and picked up two sets of every pack of Eureka’s 28mm RAR figures which I had preordered from Rob Walters of Eureka USA. I also picked up some 28mm Congo War figures to use as village self defense forces or just additional random Terrs. On a related note to your vehicles, Company B Miniatures will be releasing a 1/56 scale BTR-152 sometime soon. Now with all that said, I was wondering if you could tell me if the camo paint scheme on the Lynx was extended to the bottom of the aircraft or if the underside paint was grey in color like the ParaDaks? Thanks again for everything and take care. Your Friend, Vince

    • Hi Vince, Good to hear from you mate! There is an ex Rhodesian who is making excellent Unimogs and other Rhodesian MAP vehicles for 28mm figures. They are good. I will put up his contact details in my next post.

      On the Lynx and ParaDac I would suggest you paint them RAF Dark Earth / Dark Green. Undersides of all aircraft RhAF by the latter years of the war, were dark earth. At the time the main threat was ground forces. In many cases the dark earth looked a bit washed out but this was due to the sun and I believe was not a specific colour. If you note some Daks look much lighter in colour and this was a scheme to lower the heat signature of the aircraft. See my early article on Rhodesian Fire Force aircraft. All the best John Hop

      • Hi John, Will do and thanks. Also, if you can post the web address for your buddy who makes the 28mm Unimogs and other vehicles I would appreciate it. I will mention that you sent me his way so he knows you were looking out for him. Have a great week. Vince

      • Hi Vince see contact below.

        Dave Freemantle Rhodesian vehicle models
        Thanks for the plug, my contact email is and I use PayPal as it is very user friendly. Please let people know that I will need time to put orders together as I don’t carry much stock and make them as and when ordered

        All the best John Hop


        Hi John, Thank you very much for Dave’s contact info and the info you posted on your blog about the aircraft paint schemes. I am now off to contact Dave….Thanks again. Your friend, Vince

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