And more RhAF schemes


8211_10151823729661722_1338041963_n[1] 1010390_10153704610635161_891137453_n[1] 1517565_612347088818314_1359491352_n[1] 1524873_612346622151694_29367542_n[1]RhAF3sqnFireforceC47R7039-1[1]1395902_450434075102250_5881786810402466207_n[1] 1526130_450434508435540_8668596409085948641_n[1] 1545584_450434135102244_4604486834634642524_n[1] 1901733_450434481768876_4594373048856331420_n[1] 1977464_450435281768796_4225456694591748080_n[1] 10003961_450434601768864_6149117500510141927_n[1] 10151936_450434105102247_1005931234768081641_n[1]


7 thoughts on “And more RhAF schemes

  1. Hi Ash I havnt got any of my own, but they were shots I should have taken. The usual photos from the books but I will see if I have lifted any from facebook recently. You need to get on some of the other airforce and military facebook site, some good stuff comes up. All the best John Hop

    • Hi Vivik9. Glad that my blog is helping. It is probably one reason why I started it as I could see war gamers needed a closer insite in the Bush War. One point the BSAP Police nissan with the turret in the rear were only used by the police to protect civilian convoys travelling between certain towns. I will do a blog on those with some of the convoy tactics. Found it in the BSAP book the other day. All the best. John Hop

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