More early RAR


1463127_10201539756549732_224464377_n 1471149_10201539772390128_880525339_n 560127_10201539770390078_1434022133_n 575373_10201539780270325_280837999_n 578546_10201539781430354_90608012_n 1002625_10201539780870340_763009116_n 1003916_10201539755029694_1500685974_n 1185656_10201539752029619_1006155925_n 1396876_10201539743189398_172400843_o 1424317_10201539765749962_866213927_n 1441534_10201539775390203_166659433_n 1450729_10201539753109646_1592127544_n 1453379_10201539758709786_831615256_n 1457753_10201539771630109_1584906572_n 1458589_10201539751669610_1649850438_n 1458600_10201539782110371_1450698534_n 1459093_10201539768910041_1389973423_n 1461572_10201539514543682_819298933_n 1463127_10201539756549732_224464377_n 1471149_10201539772390128_880525339_n


3 thoughts on “More early RAR

    • Hi Pete the photos of the 5 RAR soldiers with 6 Terr captures. These Terrs were captured by PWO Wurayayi in a 25 mile follow up using a geologists Land Rover and tracking from the Land Rover. Then entered thick bush and tracked them down and captured them without firing a shot. Major Dave Heppenstalls’ D Coy during Op Grampus 11 August 1966. Its all in the book ‘Masodja’ History of the RAR.

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