More RhAF camouflage schemes.


1c149615736a96166f4598121e1b2c76 12 46 75eeb580171fb3e2c5d9fa66f226f693f839c501 124_1_b2 472f33cf4503d_large 3389L-3 3956757fa2884f8152f22dfb77c5fd41aa5693c3 A0269 (1) Cessna 337 (1) cessna337overwing30calibermediummachinegunsandbombs de_havilland_vampire_rhaf_pe e26f47f364ec7e16e118ba4867472a21682f22a4 e4555671ce95f09c29f17807aba18aa87d11b4c9 frogvampd Hawker-Hunter-FGA.90_AFZ-02 Hunter images (1) images (2) images (3) images No4SqnC337010_zps199d7ddc photo_rhodesian_01 ProvostT52 rhaf_photos0004 RLIfireforceBrittenNormanIslanderBN1BRHAF3sqn RLIfireforcecessna337lynxpairinformation scaleaircraftmodellingaugust1982rhodesianairforce101 SiaMachettiSF52Genet SwartkopMuseum15 tumblr_m50nm4rdPM1qf1wulo1_1280 VampireT11sontheline wpa35a23ea_05_06 zim_airshow_vampire


4 thoughts on “More RhAF camouflage schemes.

  1. Mark Woodward

    HI, where was the picture taken with the fire engine in the background? I am looking for ex Rhodesian army and BSAP land rovers…
    Cheers Mark

      • Paul Napier

        Photo title says Swartkof museum. Looks like this RhAF appliance taken Youtube video.[IMG][/IMG]

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