RAR Fire Force.



In recent years it has always amazed John that whenever he talks with experienced British airborne special forces soldiers, be they Parachute Regiment, SAS or Royal Marines, they know who the Rhodesian African Rifles are. The Rhodesian African Rifles just like the Rhodesian Light Infantry manned two of the four main Fireforce, Forward Air Field bases in Rhodesian. The Fireforce concept, a unique concept, entailed the vertical envelopment of the enemy by airborne troops deployed into battle by armed trooping helicopters and paratrooper carrying Dakotas. The Rhodesian Fireforce paratroopers dropped at extremely low heights (500 to 450 feet) to avoid enemy fire, dropped by venerable C-47 Dakotas called the “Dak” or “Paradak” by the Rhodesians. The rest of the Fireforce was deployed by three Allouette III trooping helicopters called G-Cars, armed with a twin 303 browning mount and commanded by an Allouette III K-Car armed with a 20mm cannon. It was not unknown for a Fireforce to be deployed three times in one day and for Paras to be dropped. The Rhodesian Paras are known to have carried out the greatest number of combat jumps in military history, of any army in the world. More fire support was provided by Rhodesian Air Force Lynx ground attack aircraft and when need be,544918_10151451609297917_1053103891_n[1] dennison cheeta 303s detail RAR Firefoce RAR Fireforce 2 RAR Fireforce detail 6b9bc36381afcfe951f0c3385c355f9e[1] deplaning-630x329[1] fireforce troops img097wp9[1] DAC PARAS JUMP RhAF dac 1090 1091 1092 1102 1103 Hunter, Canberra and Vampire jets. My good friend Brigadier Pat Lawless had over 30 operational para jumps under his belt by the end of the war. In the Rhodesian army that was considered above average as the record was held by a Rhodesian Light Infantry Trooper who had completed in the region of 79 operational jumps. Unheard of in any other army in the world.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    if you do not mind, I’d like to use some of these picture for a translation I’m doing, and post them on my blog.
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    L. Pavese

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