Late War Rhodesian Light Infantry.


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Late War Rhodesian Light Infantry.

From these photos you can see the change in battle preparation. No longer shorts or T shirts and the use of chest rig, canvas and jacket webbing.


6 thoughts on “Late War Rhodesian Light Infantry.

  1. Joe Elrod

    Hi Johnny, I know this is an old entry but I figured it’s as good a place as any to comment. I’ve been trolling your blog for quite a bit now and just wanted to say I love it, it is an excellent source of information. I have always been interested in the Rhodesian Bush War, especially Fireforce operations being an ex-Air Assault trooper myself. I am currently painting up a troop of RLI in 15mm and just to be different and add a bit of variety I was thinking of painting a few figures with their caps inside out displaying the orange panel. I remember reading somewhere, however, that hardly anyone ever did this; do you know what percentage (if any) of the guys actually wore their caps inside out? Thanks….great job!

    • Hi Joe No problem as Charlie Austs wife Pam Aust nick named me Johny Hop. The use of day glow was late on in the war. As can be seen from some of the late war photos many of the RLI guys were wearing bandanas or bear headed so they would have a problem with putting day glow in their caps. You would suppose you could have the odd individual or stick commanders with it in their caps.
      Being an old professional regular army unit (winding up the RLI oens here) 1RAR wore full combat kit (in the majority of cases) and we all tended to wear day glow in our caps especially the officers and NCOs and all troops tended to wear floppies or combat caps. The odd individual might wear a bandana done up in that typical African way. There was the odd White 1RAR officer who would wear a bandana (Ron Revel for one). Apparently it was the RhSAS which started the use of day glow, but otherwise troops could show their position with map or in one isolated case a cigarette carton.

  2. Judson huxham

    Good day John

    I see you have a great picture of the late Lieutenant Colonel Charlie Aust and would like to request the permission to able to have a copy of the picture so I can hand it over at his memorial service on Friday located in south Africa for the ex rhodesian light infantry soldiers it’s a fantastic picture and would like the opportunity to share it with the “OUENS” while we pay our respects

    • Hi Judson Yes I found that photo on line some where. I dont think any one will mind you using that photo. If the quality is not good if you download it from my blog and you want a better image e-mail me and I will send to you asap. I am going up to Grantham to be with the family. I am also picking up his brother in laws in Birmingham Airport this week.

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