RhAF 1/72 models


Having gone on the line and its interesting to see that is now quite difficult to get 1/72 or 1/76 scales models of aircraft used by the Rhodesian Air Force. I have quite a few Allouette III and luckily AB 205 Cheetas. Found 3 Canberra B2 in my attic the other day as well as a Hawker Hunter FGA9. On the internet I have been able to purchase a Briton Norman Islander, hunters, percival provost and a Siai Marcheti.

$_35 $_57 (1) $_57 163390-12147 cmr235reviewmd_1 img_2632 siai-marchetti-sf-260-full-resin-kit-of-a-trainer-aircraft-contains-vac-canopy-decals-offer-2-fancy-aircraft-one-italian-and-o wp_20141001_004 wp_20141001_006

81DUoIBV62L._SL1500_ 9459-Heller_SA_316_Alouette_III_Gendarmerie_-_1_72 img_21721600x1200.jpg

Airfix 2073 hunter jorgensenhuntbt


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