5 Indep RAR


5 Indep Coy RAR convoy forms up at Derowa Mine for ‘Muzorewa’ elections Jan 1979. A pookie seen from the back of a 1Pl 45 on the return journey. Unfortunately, one of these pookies could not be spared on the journey out, with the result that the 45 seen being towed hit a mine (2nd in the convoy), as did a mobile surgical unit second from back. No casualties, thank goodness, although the driver of the 45 was severely shaken – the anti-mine armour had only been fitted the day before to an almost new vehicle. The only other casualties were from a severe epidemic of diarrhoea from dodgy steak bought at the local business centre …

1533805_553015928165244_688884767083633564_n 1924391_553015838165253_7575039911588508739_n 10340155_553015954831908_6907594493327799300_n 10406920_553015774831926_1108006544308926461_n 10483732_553015671498603_3075883795184286952_n 10628174_553015688165268_2877373743323574164_n 10635821_553015898165247_6556504399433979906_n 10665203_553015858165251_4666834196618103578_n 10690197_553015738165263_6967906601568964361_n (1)


2 thoughts on “5 Indep RAR

  1. Hi Adam Nice piece of work.
    The photos of 5 Indep Company RAR (Rhodesian African Rifles) are from Alan Doyle of 5 Indep.
    Don Blevins chart is very good but unfortunately he never published his full book on MAP vehicles.
    The vehicle side sketches are by MWA Axworthy done in 1990 for Dons book.
    All the best

    John Hop

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