C Coy 6 Rhodesia Regiment deploys on ops.


HIPPO CONVOY DETAIL HIPPO CONVOYI believe I took these photos in 1978 or 1979 of C Coy 6 RR deploying on operations from Essexvale Battle School. The RR was an all white Regiment originally but by this stage of the Bush War, more and more RAR badged African troops were in the companies. Note the various MAP vehicles such as the 4.5 GS, Crocodile, Puma, Puma variant, Hippo etc etc.

4.5 GS on road puma varient DETAIL Puma varient trailer rear RR CROCODILE ESSEXVALE BATTLECAMP RR CROCODILE RR Hippo essexvale turnoff RR Rhino detail 4.5 GS MP and water trailer rear 4.5 GS MP Crocodile MAP TCV and trailer RR. Puma varient trailer rear

7 thoughts on “C Coy 6 Rhodesia Regiment deploys on ops.

  1. Yes Jonh.
    For now i have in standby the Selou scouts PIG Unimog and a SA Buffel. The models i have made are very fragil to cast but if Shaun wants more models is possible to do but i must make them strong to cast and of course with lesse details.
    I have made for S&S the little Unimog version used by Portuguese and a Berlliet Tramagal.

    • Antonio. That is great news. Would you mind if I downloaded some of your 1/72 Rhodesian vehicle masters and put them on my blog but of course giving you full credit. I will mention that S & S Models will be making them? All the best John Hop

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