RhAF article in Scaleaircraft magazine


ScaleAircraftModellingAugust1982RhodesianAirForce1 ScaleAircraftModellingAugust1982RhodesianAirForce3b ScaleAircraftModellingAugust1982RhodesianAirForce4 ScaleAircraftModellingAugust1982RhodesianAirForce6 ScaleAircraftModellingAugust1982RhodesianAirForce7 ScaleAircraftModellingAugust1982RhodesianAirForce8 ScaleAircraftModellingAugust1982RhodesianAirForce9 ScaleAircraftModellingAugust1982RhodesianAirForce10


2 thoughts on “RhAF article in Scaleaircraft magazine

  1. John, First, Happy UDI Day to you and all your fellow Rhodesians. I know its been awhile since I wrote you last my Friend, but I do want to thank you for putting me in contact with David to get his 28mm compatible Rhodesian vehicles. Since then, David and I have communicated probably two or three times every week. He is fine gentleman and I am glad to call him a Friend as well. I hope all is well with you and your family and your miniature collection is getting bigger. Drop me a line when you get a chance. Take care. Vince

    • Hi Vince, good to hear from you shamwari! As you may notice I am trying to put things on the blog which I feel will be of interest to fellow Rhodesian Bush War wargamers. Thought that aircraft article gave a good chronological out look on the stages of the RhAF. Have not had a chance to model anything lately. Very busy with painting commissions. I must order some of Daves’ vehicles. Hope all is well with you and your family. All the best John Hop

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