New 28mm ZANLA and ZIPRA Gooks by Eureka


Here is the latest group of 28mm African nationalist gooks by that talented sculptor Kosta. They are armed with obsolete World War II DP light machine-guns, Mauser K98 bolt action rifles, PPSH SMGs and SKS rifles. They have been released under the title ‘ZANLA guerillas’ by Eureka Miniatures.
Here is the latest group of 28mm African nationalist guerillas. They’re armed with obsolete World War Two DP light machine-guns and Mauser K98 bolt action rifles. They will, as usual, be released under the title ‘ZANLA guerillas’ by Eureka Miniatures.

In fact these miniatures are representative of pretty much all the armed groups that fought against the security forces of Portugal and Rhodesia during the 1960’s and 70’s.
ZANLA (Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army) and ZIPRA (Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army) were the armed wings of ZANU (Zimbabwe African National Union) and ZAPU (Zimbabwe African People’s Union) respectively.

28mm Eureka ragged ZANLA 01 28mm Eureka ragged ZANLA 02 28mm Eureka ragged ZANLA 03 28mm Eureka ragged ZANLA 04 28mmEurekaMin-ZanlaPPsh-greens 28mmEurekaMin-ZanlaSKS-greens


S&S Models BTR 40 and T54


Just bought a batch of BTR 40 and T54s from S&S Models. Thought these might come in handy from my FRELIMO forces and possibly ZIPRA. I dont think ZIPRA had any BTR 40s but FRELIMO might have.

I have also made another batch of T34s (Airfix, armourfast, pegasus models). Also made some SU 100s which would be an interesting addition. Wonder if these SU 100s might have been used.

Now I need to find some more BTR152s.

IMG_3036 IMG_3038 IMG_3039 IMG_3040 IMG_3041

Underfire Miniatures 20mm figures


Bill at Underfire is hoping to produce a new set of Rhodesian Bush War figures.

Set of 4 new Greys Scouts including and RPD Gunner.

60mm Commando Mortar with firer, RAR kit.

81mm Mortar Team in full Kit.

106mm RCL and 3 man crew

x4 seated figures for Fire Force or sitting in the back of a MAP TCV land tail vehicle.

x4 RhSAS in full external kit with FN, AK47, RPDs  and Bergans.

Should be interesting as if they are as good as the RAR figures I had commissioned previously1467243_10153580152715161_1643496449_n[1].

RAR about 1969 early part of the war.


The Rhodesian Army realized that the equipment they had was not suitable for bush warfare and they had to replace it or manufacture it in Rhodesia. The old British 44 pattern webbing was wearing out and due to sanctions could not be obtained so the Rhodesian’s turned to South African and Israeli designs for their ideas.

They needed plastic water bottles as the British metal water bottles were noisy and they need dedicated ammunition pouches which were smaller than the British design. Thus more comfortable!

Thus a new camouflage scheme combat uniform was designed for the hot climate of Rhodesia and I believe in a Rainy season and winter versions. The winter version was soon dropped and the greener version retained. This new scheme was starting to come in by 1968 with a mix of the old and the new at times. Even the 44 pattern webbing continued on for some time in the RAR as can be seen from some of the photos.731 732 733 734 735 751 752 756 757 769 770 773 782 783 784

RAR Early War 28mm figures


Eureka miniatures have produced a set of British Army in Aden 28mm figures which are perfect for early war RAR. They are dressed in combat trousers and shirt with two 56 pattern ammunition pattern pouches and a water bottle. RAR also war packs during these operations. SLRs and then later FNs were issued, Sterling SMGs were also carried but were phased out as troops realized it was better to have an SLR or FN. The MAG was in use by this stage. I painted my RAR figures black then painted the uniform shirt with Humbrol 78, then a second dry brushed layer of Humbrol 78 and Humbrol 83, and then the last layer was was a mix of Humbrol 78 and Humbrol 103. The combat trousers were painted with Humbrol 94 a light khaki colour. RAR African troops may have the shirt , trousers and floppy hat in this colour. See the rather washed out photo below for an idea of these early colours. Think I might have to rethink my colours. Flesh colours for Europeans and Africans and of course the RAR badge on the floppy hat. Bottle green over black with silver badge in middle. These same figures could also represent the RLI (Rhodesian Light Infantry) and RRR (Royal Rhodesia Regiment) by just painting European figures. It will be noted that the RLI started to wear shorts on occasions even at this stage and some wore berets. See colour photo. Also in photo a BSAP officer in riot uniform.

IMG_3181 IMG_3183

556 656 659 664 673 coppersChoppers   10857960_491592590981933_584192351934170754_n 603 604 605 654 655 658 660 662 670 671

11050695_1060257620656328_4747358450103737036_n 10428009_1060265177322239_3620253426312643244_n deniso10 deniso11 early uniform RRR 69