INTAF (Internal Affairs)


Eureka miniatures have produced a set of figures of the British Army in Aden in 28mm scale. These figures have multiple uses for the Rhodesian Bush War.

In this case I have made a set of INTAF figures by painting the figures unjform in Humbrol 94 (You could have a lighter coloured shirt) with a band around the floppy hat in Humbrol 176 scarlet.

The Ministery of Internal Affairs were set up to provide administration and the provision of  good order in the isolated rural areas of Rhodesia. In each of the country’s fifty-four administrative areas, the District Commissioner and his team of Assistants were the direct link between the Government and the rural people.

It was during the war that INTAF would take over the task of the Protected Villages operating from Keeps. INTAF were to lose over 80 men during these operations during the war.

By the end of the war they were wearing full military combat kit during certain operations.

Photos from John White, Sandy Coutzee and Nick Baalberger.

IMG_3029 IMG_3030 john white INTAF Mtoko central George Mupambwa a Mtoko PV Nick Baalbergen Mrewa Medal Parade 03 DC Mirams address Pre-deployment battle camp 04c sandy  coutzee intaf cammo 999912_10152226924818128_1478700693_n Bush War 02asandy coutzee intaf before cammo


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