RAR about 1969 early part of the war.


The Rhodesian Army realized that the equipment they had was not suitable for bush warfare and they had to replace it or manufacture it in Rhodesia. The old British 44 pattern webbing was wearing out and due to sanctions could not be obtained so the Rhodesian’s turned to South African and Israeli designs for their ideas.

They needed plastic water bottles as the British metal water bottles were noisy and they need dedicated ammunition pouches which were smaller than the British design. Thus more comfortable!

Thus a new camouflage scheme combat uniform was designed for the hot climate of Rhodesia and I believe in a Rainy season and winter versions. The winter version was soon dropped and the greener version retained. This new scheme was starting to come in by 1968 with a mix of the old and the new at times. Even the 44 pattern webbing continued on for some time in the RAR as can be seen from some of the photos.731 732 733 734 735 751 752 756 757 769 770 773 782 783 784

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