Underfire Miniatures 20mm figures


Bill at Underfire is hoping to produce a new set of Rhodesian Bush War figures.

Set of 4 new Greys Scouts including and RPD Gunner.

60mm Commando Mortar with firer, RAR kit.

81mm Mortar Team in full Kit.

106mm RCL and 3 man crew

x4 seated figures for Fire Force or sitting in the back of a MAP TCV land tail vehicle.

x4 RhSAS in full external kit with FN, AK47, RPDs  and Bergans.

Should be interesting as if they are as good as the RAR figures I had commissioned previously1467243_10153580152715161_1643496449_n[1].


5 thoughts on “Underfire Miniatures 20mm figures

  1. António,

    Hi John.
    For now i make masters for the SAS pig, the Selou scouts Pig and a Scorpion.
    S&S have already make the Berliet Gazele (or Portuguese Tramagal). I have a few and they are very good model.



    • Hi Antonio
      If you want I will look for photos of the SAS PIG and S Scts pig and I think I have sent you photos of the Scorpion 81mm mortar carrier. Hope you will find time to make Bedford RL, Mercedes 4.5, Puma, Full Puma, MAP 4.5, MAP 7.5, when you get a chance. Great stuff!

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