S&S Models BTR 40 and T54


Just bought a batch of BTR 40 and T54s from S&S Models. Thought these might come in handy from my FRELIMO forces and possibly ZIPRA. I dont think ZIPRA had any BTR 40s but FRELIMO might have.

I have also made another batch of T34s (Airfix, armourfast, pegasus models). Also made some SU 100s which would be an interesting addition. Wonder if these SU 100s might have been used.

Now I need to find some more BTR152s.

IMG_3036 IMG_3038 IMG_3039 IMG_3040 IMG_3041


3 thoughts on “S&S Models BTR 40 and T54

    • Hi Pete. Yes they are Diecasts which I bought from S & S Models and just painted them in Soviet cammo green. I saw them so bought them just to add a bit of interest to my FRELIMO forces in Mozambique. Not sure if they used them as I think they had mainly BTR152s, T34s and T54s, Appart from all their other kit. All the best John Hop

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