S &S Models Bleriot vehicle as used by the Selous Scouts


I recently bought a 20mm (Bleriott) IMG_3109 IMG_3110 IMG_3111 IMG_3112 IMG_3114 IMG_3115

Gazelle vehicle which were used by the Portuguese in Mozambique and later FRELIMO. The Selous Scouts captured on of these vehicles and used it on cross border raids. I have also included more S Scts column vehicles. Vehicles by S & S models and weapons by RH Models. Now I am waiting for a new batch of Underfire Miniatures which should provide the crews.

8 thoughts on “S &S Models Bleriot vehicle as used by the Selous Scouts

  1. António

    Hello John.
    Yes the Berliet came ok from s&s. It is a big one……
    I have almost finished 3 diferente Masters Pigs to send to Shaun at s&s. The selou scouts, the SAS and the Scorpion.


    • HI Antonio. Sorry I should have mentioned you as the designer. Excellent job I must say. I cant wait to see the new vehicles you are producing for S & S Models. I shall have a number of those especially the Scrorpion 81mm mortar carrier, for my RAR unit and Selous Scouts columns.

      • Hi Antonio, Have you considered doing an open backed RL, with central seating and also the Mercedese 4.5 with central seating and roll bar. Also the RL with mine protected bucket (Big Daddy)?

    • Hi Antonio
      The old RL was the mainstay of the Rhodesian Army in the early years of the war until the Mercedese Unimog, 4.5 and 7.5 series were introduced. I have placed a series of photos of Big Daddy, but will look for more. Hope you can produce some thing of this. John Hop

      • António

        Hi John.

        Very good article about Bedford RL.

        Ok I try to make the Big Daddy. I use the JB 1/72 as a reference for the chassis in length.
        But i must finished first the others…..

  2. Hi Antonio, Thats great if you can have a look at the RL Big Daddy project. What else are you working on for S & S Models? Looking forward to seeing those and ordering them.
    All the best Johny Hop

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