Operation Virile 1977


Operation Virile. Destruction of road bridges between Dombe and Espungabera, Mozambique, November/December 1977.

Order of Selous Scouts Column.

X1 Pookie to clear mines but not long after crossing the border due to the rough roads, the Pookie gave up the ghost had to be taken under tow by one of the Unimogs.

X1 African Bus was armed with a roof mounted 12,7mm HMG and two 50 Cal HMGs in the rear of the bus.

X2 Pigs armed with 20mm cannons.

X1 Unimog, Major Murphy’s command Unimog equipped with twin 50-calibre Brownings.

X2 Infantry carrying Unimogs, mounting twin FN 7,62 MAGs, plus one MAG for front seat passenger. Also two singles mounted on either side at rear of vehicle.

X2 Unimogs armed as above but with a mounted 81mm mortar and carried x2 60mm mortars for ground deployment.

X1 Unimog infantry carrying vehicles armed with MAGs as above, but was Major Bert Sachse’s command vehicle carried a 37mm SNEB six barrelled rocket launcher.

X1 Unimog mounted with a 20mm cannon. (Would vary position behind Bert or tail end Charlie at rear of column).

X1 Unimog with 5 MAGs but also an 81mm mortar.

X1 Captured Scania Truck, driven by Sgt Ed Watson with Capt Charlie Small, with 5 tons of gelignite and pentolite.

X1 Brutus the Berliet commanded by Lt Chris Gough with another 5 tons of explosives.

X1 4.5 ton Mercedes Truck with 2 tons of explosives driven by C/Sgt Jim Lafferty.

X2 errant Rhodesian Army Service Corps covered Unimogs with fuel trailers. They had refuelled the column before entering Mozambique but in all the dust had tagged on to the column by mistake and went on the operation.

X1 Unimog mounting a 12,7mm HMG.

I now have to find a 20mm Pookie and some other bits of kit and figures to complete this column

IMG_3110 IMG_3111 IMG_3112 IMG_3114 IMG_3115 IMG_3120 IMG_3121 IMG_3122


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