Rhodesian Bush War book


I have just ordered a new book by Britton Publishers re the Rhodesian Bush War. There are ten scenarios in the book. Looking forward to reviewing this book and checking its contents.

The cover shows a number of Rhodesian Light Infantry after a Fire Force operation. Note the army badge of one of the Troopers with the Rhodesian green shoulder patch above.

This is late war as all wear full jump suits or overalls and all weapons are painted in cammo patterns, thus some time after 1977. Note the stick leader on the right who is carrying an A76 small means radio, is wearing veldscoons (suede shoes) without socks, as socks attract thorns. All are covered in cammo face cream and shorts were a thing of the past by this stage of the war. Battle preparation was taken far more seriously by this stage in the war.



7 thoughts on “Rhodesian Bush War book

    • Hi Ash thanks for that. I have only just ordered it, but it will be interesting. I think it has had some Rhode input. All the best mate.
      Hi Tony I can only assume that they are just scenarios as I have not had my copy yet. There is a need for good scenarios as I have seen some blemers in the past.

  1. I bought a copy of the PDF version- it has some interesting though mostly small scenarios. No rules though- which is good as it is system agnostic.

    Will certainly be playing through a few games with my collection.



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