Rhodesian Artillery ORBAT


A number of rough notes from School of Infantry showing the ORBAT of the Rhodesian Artillery.

The 6×6 MAP tractor for the 5.5 battery is shown in these photos. The South Africans had loaned 8 of these guns which were towed by 8 6×6 tractors.

Some guns are in all green cammo scheme as these were used on external operations such as Op Miracle.

ARTILLERY ORG 1 ARTILLERY ORG 2 ARTILLERY ORG 3 ARTILLERY ORG 4 1487362_650917808283516_1384593447_n[2] 019rho[1] Artillery[1] 3290_89249657974_744547974_2399903_2428947_n[1] LockeCooke[1] model013-3[1] model017-2[1] Stiff[1] MAP artillery tractor 5.5 3290_89249287974_744547974_2399898_1803763_n[1] 3290_89249672974_744547974_2399906_2427000_n[1] 5632_393854667426858_929727829_n[1] 1010559_10202158859106923_259665950_n[1] 1012140_10202159372879767_1307628436_n[1]


4 thoughts on “Rhodesian Artillery ORBAT

    • Hi Pete A pleasure mate! Thought I would get some artillery sorted. The spare officer in the Esci 25pdr kit could be turned into a BSAP officer. I am now using arms from another box and have ordered an extra FN to arm him. He will be in a peaked cap, grey shirt, khaki drill shorts, khaki drill socks with dark blue tops, brown shoes. all the best

  1. Hi Pete Yes I must look at those S & S generic crews. I had some spare boxes of 8th army gun crews so thought they would give me gunners in shorts. Shorts may be a little long but what the hell! S & S Models now coming out with a new South African Buffel also Rhodesian MAP vehicles soon. I think the Buffel was used during the elections in Rhodesia and loaned by South Africa. Dark Earth with Dark Green blotches. Pleasure Mate! John Hop

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