Eland 90 (AML 90) Armoured Cars


Just a few detail shots of the Rhodesian Eland 90 in service.

There is the od photo of Ferrets and Eland 60s. note the Eland 90s in full green cammo as these were used during Operation Miracle into Mozambique with the Selous Scouts. After independence the Elands were painted in Dark Earth/Dark Green cammo scheme.

The Eland 60s I believe were used by the Rhodesian Air Force for airfield defence.

155RhACRPatrolGonarezhou_400_312 10636014_894213370603302_4091391312391902947_n eland 90s detail 2 eland 90s detail Eland AML 90s DETAIL 2 Eland AML 90s DETAIL 3 Eland AML 90s DETAIL vehPanhards RhACR detail RhAF Eland 60. Eland 90 detail Eland 90 305849_2133235244401_3204429_n[1] 1546233_10202159522083497_1628695680_n[1]

1545182_394342887378036_123390063_n[1] Convoy[1] 10371364_476549915823999_1180971646448792254_n 10389978_476550085823982_4591337146663988770_n OP MIRACLE 79


4 thoughts on “Eland 90 (AML 90) Armoured Cars

  1. John, your comments about the Eland 60’s is correct. We (Rhod. AF Regiment) lent two ’60s with crews to go on the op. Camo on these vehicles was similar to the army.

  2. Hi Pete Yes I thought the Eland 60s were mainly used by RhAF but I did not know that 2 were deployed on an external op. Was that op Miracle? If so thats an interesting bit of info. Can understand it. Have you any more detail? All the best Shamwari John Hop

  3. Hermann Pretorius

    Good pics John.

    Had the opportunity to see what I believe is the sole surviving RhACR Eland at Gweru a few years ago. The rest are probably in that giant vehicle scrapyard near Inkomo Barracks these days; quite sad!! Somebody needs to restore them.

    Despite its slow speed in the bush and the complicated epicyclic gearing at the hub, the Eland was truly a unique vehicle.

    • Thanks Hermann. I visited Zim about three years ago but only went to Vic Falls. I was visiting my sister in Botswana. I was impressed with the Elands as they saved our buts (1RAR) at Entumbane in 81, taking out a number of ZIPRA BTR152s. They also went on to capture 10 T34s and all the ZIPRA kit. Memories! All the best John Hop

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