Rhodesian Vehicles


S & S Models have just brought out a Bedford MK GS and open cargo area and are also creating a central seating system for it. Priced at £12.00 each should be a good addition to your early Rhodesian vehicle line up. These vehicles soldiered on through out the war but in a secondary roll as dedicated Mine and Ambush Protected vehicles were introduced.

There were a number of bad ambush incidents especially one with RR where there were a number of casualties, due to the fact that there was limited ambush protection from the basic Bedford RLs, MKs or Mercedese 4.5 troop carriers.

S & S Models have just produced a new South African Buffel designed by that talented sculptor Antonio. The Buffel was used I believe during the first elections in Rhodesia and were loaned by South Africa. See photo of Rhodesian Buffel with Dark Earth camo with Dark Green blotches.

Antonio is now designing a number of other MP and MAP TCV designs.

S & S Models hope to do an open backed Bedford RL with central seating system and a Mercedese 4.5 GS with open cargo tray with central seating system and roll bars. Have a look at S & S Models MAP TCV Crocodile.

10407355_10205362363892626_3352470927715009223_n 10411107_10153148213301543_8984145475487959227_n (1) 10806405_815118991887411_2668954441802192446_n bedford mk detail david prise 73 DSCN6858 war10 1619194_343837119141916_4492356263037634978_n 10991291_518758351596196_4329724689082489002_n


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