1 Indep Company RR (Rhodesia Regiment).

An interesting set of photos by Lein de Wet of his basic training with 1 Indep Company Rhodesia Regiment.

A few pics taken of our basic training at 1 Indep Rhodesia Regiment at Wankie, Binga & Matusadona! Our rookies Intake 129 were the 1st to do a year’s NS. We did 9 months to start, then in & out like a Dog’s ……….!!!

1797588_10152919360304051_7846989843438116765_n 10408960_10152919357874051_994489799039354893_n 10410371_10152919360679051_1613936245680458784_n 10438588_10152919357844051_4154394895557491465_n 10516847_10152919360294051_6107299442541254941_n 10612980_10152919359179051_4014830372598123422_n 10981517_10152919358214051_2919923063825645547_n 10985250_10152919356164051_5568605941456596241_n 11009983_10152919357964051_4579743944564933894_n 11053640_10152919356804051_7452986914461014804_n 11062414_10152919356049051_7607244845956201941_n 11075191_10152919360604051_6178142126064092696_n 11075248_10152919360014051_1246824494462726032_n 11079566_10152919358824051_4085596262162336215_o 11080649_10152919356029051_1444153145948508822_o 11081279_10152919358699051_3436876624302074941_n 11083915_10152919356799051_4896543246032705589_o 11101362_10152919356579051_7126135578024236933_o


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