Eland 90s during Operation Miracle 1979


Some ACE 1/72 scale AML 90s I have made up as Rhodesian Eland 90s. They are in overall green camouflage to add confusion so FRELIMO would think they were their own vehicles.

eland 1 eland 2 eland 3 1545182_394342887378036_123390063_n[1] 10301537_476549689157355_7217263879712277355_n - Copy 10389978_476550085823982_4591337146663988770_n OP MIRACLE 79 Gairezi-Crossing 1546233_10202159522083497_1628695680_n[1] img045

Apparently two Eland 60s with the 60mm mortar were loaned from the Rhodesian Air Force for Operation Miracle with the cars and crews. Now I have to get some Eland 60s.


4 thoughts on “Eland 90s during Operation Miracle 1979

    • Hi Dave
      This is an awkward one as it was a comment by some one on facebook who thought a couple had been deployed but I have never seen any evidence for it. I wonder if the planning for Op Miracle is with the Rhodesian Army Association archive as they should be mentioned in that. All the best John Hop

  1. Paul

    Could they have been deployed as part of the ground security for the air elements supporting the operation but only within Rhodesian?

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