An excellent new series of books on the Rhodesian Bush War have been produced by 30 degrees South (Africa @ War series) and are extremely detailed and ideal for war gamers wishing to read up on this campaign and other African campaigns. The above book by J.R.T. Wood is excellent and gives details of the early years of the bush war.

Very interesting is the colour photos showing the early British combat uniforms and webbing used by the Rhodesian Army at this time. I showed examples of some 28mm British Army in Aden figures by Eureka Miniatures which I now realize need to be changed. It seems combat uniforms were light khaki trousers with light green camouflage shirt. British webbing. Other photos show RAR troops in full light khaki drill cammo combat uniforms.

Interesting note is that it was found that this combat uniform showed up very light at night so it was decided to introduce the famous Rhodesian camouflage uniform. This was introduced gradually by 1967 in two shades. I call it dry season and wet season and it was the wet season camouflage that survived and went on throughout the war.


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