I thought I would have a go at a model of an INTAF keep.

Visiting my framer the other day, I found he had loads of off cuts of board which I could use for the project. Marvin medium PVA glue and a box of  MOD ROCK in the garage convinced me to continue.

I cut lengths of twigs from various bushes in the garden and I had my palisade.

Once completed this would make another scenario for a group of 30 – 60 Terrs attacking an isolated keep in the Tribal Trust Lands. I do not believe any keeps were over run by Terrs during the whole period of the war and INTAF did an excellent job.

I have made the model so that it will suit 28mm or 20mm scale figures of INTAF. I have got three more corner bunkers and two walls to complete. Then I will start on the internal buildings and fittings.

IMG_3195 IMG_3196 IMG_3197 IMG_3198 IMG_3199 IMG_3200 IMG_3201 IMG_3202 999912_10152226924818128_1478700693_n ARU Mashonaland Central Tony Edwards Bush War 15 Bush War 20 DSCN0359 intaf  keep corner bunker lookout. intaf  keep gate intaf  uniform 2 intaf  uniform 3 intaf  uniform Intaf Horse Troop Mt Darwin small intaf keep 2 intaf keep 3 intaf keep tower intaf keep intaf one intaf uniforms colour keep Light vehicles-1

mtoko-central-george-mupambwa-a pre-deployment-battle-camp-04c sandy-coutzee-intaf-before-cammo


11 thoughts on “INTAF KEEP MODEL

  1. Hi Pete Yup I thing its coming along ok. I have contacted some ex INTAF chaps to see if they have some more info on the keeps. Should be interesting. Now I have to find some slouch hats for the DCs and Bren Guns and 303 Lee Enfield Rifles (Perry Miniatures WWII 28mm metals and plastics has these) also 44 packs for early troops, Found peaked caps in Gripping Beast WWII figures so these will be usefull for BSAP. All these changes can be made to the Eureka British in Aden figures and also the WWII plastic Perry figures.

  2. I’ll look forward to seeing your conversions- then promptly work out how to do it in 20mm, don’t have the space for getting the same forces again in 28mm….



  3. Hi Pete, I am not in the same class as Ash in the conversion stakes but at least it will give Rhode Bush War Gamers an idea of what can be done. Think we will have to start calling this era RBW games! I am hooked in both scales 20mm and 28mm. But I have come up with a dastardly plan. My aircraft I will keep in 20mm apart from the Eureka 28mm K-car and G-car. There are so many aircraft models available in 1/72 scale. Vehicles are a different thing as we now have people producing good examples in each scale. Cant wait to see the new figures comeing out from Eureka and Underfire Miniatures. All the best John Hop

  4. Hi Pete, Good man! Or should it RhBW??? Lol! Would like to see those new Rhode figures myself. Where did you see them? I did ask for a number of other poses to be created but not sure if the ones I wanted have been done. The 60mm commando mortar is a beauty! All the best John Hop

    • I’m a good friends of Bill of Under Fire- I’ve known him since the mid 90s. In fact he is popping round later this evening so I’ll see if he has got any news on how the casting is going of them.



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