Just completed the INTAF keep.

Using Mervin Medium PVA glue I stch fine sand and stones to the surface

Once plaster was dry on all parts I sprayed with black undercoat.

Then using acrylic paints Burnt Sienna, White, Yellow, and Burnt Umber.

Burnt Sienna, touch of yellow and white for the earth bank. In various layers from dark to light.

The path was painted with white, yellow and a touch of burnt umber.

Wood was a mixture of burnt umber and yellow.

The model will take 20mm or 28mm vehicles and figures.Next I will put in the inner wall plus a number of buildings, Rhodesian boiler, water tanks and toilet block.

Interesting to note that a Keep was attacked by Terrs with an 82mm mortar and a 75mm RCL, plus small arms. They were driven off. In later years the INTAF were issued with 303 browning MGs on tripods and Bren Guns. More to follow.

IMG_3208 IMG_3210 IMG_3212 IMG_3213 IMG_3214 IMG_3215 IMG_3216 IMG_3218 IMG_3219 IMG_3220



  1. Hi Pete here is an extract from a book coming out soon, all about INTAF. Book by Gerry Van Tonder. This is an attack on a camp but could just as well be a Keep part of a PV (protected village).
    A fellow Intaf man adds:
    Not long after your ambush, a group of about thirty CTs attacked us one night at Makamba (the third time I was attacked there) with a 75mm recoilless gun, mortars and small arms. They were only 300 metres from the camp on high ground. The battle was fierce. They did a lot of damage to the camp, hitting the fuel tanks, buildings and seriously damaging one bunker, including our Browning machine gun. On one of my rounds to resupply ammo, I saw the flash from the recoilless. Armed with my FN and together with my sergeant, who had an LMG,
    and one DA with a G3, I showed them the position. After the next flash from the 75mm, we emptied three magazines together on double-tap bursts. All went quiet, the attack was over. It was a long night standing-to, but in the morning the good news on doing a clearance sweep was we found the dead gunner; a political commissar no less, with a single bullet hole right between the eyes. We also found the 75mm gun, and mortar tube and live bombs. There was blood in three other positions. The army, who followed the blood spoor, did a follow-up. The group was engaged and eleven killed.

  2. Thanks John, there is enough to base a game on then. Were the terr’s tactics to just enage at a distance with heavier weapons or did they try to overrun the camps if the situation looked favourable to them?



  3. Hi Pete The Keeps defended the PVs Protected Villages and usually over looked them from the GTI. The Terrs would infiltrate the PV to get food etc or attack at night trying to separate the villages. They would also try and burn the villages. I do not believe any Keeps were over run but it must be assumed that was the intention of the Terrs. They usually got such a snotty and once they took a few casualties would bugger off. INTAF would then put in counter attacks and follow ups. I will check how many INTAF would be in the Keep with my mate! All the best

    John Hop

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