Creating and Painting early BSAP, PATU, and RR figures


Creating and Painting early BSAP, PATU, and RR figures

1 box of Perry Miniatures 28mm plastic 8th Army Figures.

Metal slouch hats.

BSAP Figures.

For the BSAP figures I cut off back straps and some water bottles and 44 ammo pouches. I scraped off the gaiters leaving socks.

Thus the Perry figures 28mm plastic miniatures gave me early BSAP and PATU armed with 303s with shorts and I added miliput to create trousers. Trimmed off webbing where necessary.

I purchased soft hats and peaked cap heads from Gripping Beast WW1 range.


Note the tracker in slouch hat and trousers with 303. Slouch hat from the Perry Figures 28mm range.


PATU Figures.

Early PATU figures had 44 packs attached. The 44 packs were from the Perry Miniatures range. Trimmed metal slouch hats with modelling clippers and filed with fine file the top and edges to make it look like a bush hat.


Rhodesia Regiment figures.

Early Rhodesia Regiment (RR) figures with Bren guns were from the Perry 8th Army Plastic figures range. Added trousers with miliput. Cut and trimmed Perry Miniatures slouch hats to make bush hats. Added 44 packs from the Perry Miniatures range.

Cut and trimmed Bren guns to create different stances with the weapon.


IMG_3273 IMG_3274 IMG_3275 IMG_3276 IMG_3277


7 thoughts on “Creating and Painting early BSAP, PATU, and RR figures

  1. Hi Pete, As you say later in the war PATU , Support Unit and BSAP were wearing full cammo as was many other units. The BSAP African constables uniform did also change, which I will try to demonstrate in a future blog. In later years on normal duties the African constable as the Eoropean PO would still wear the grey shirt khaki shorts and peaked cap but with an FN. I am now trying to find some 28mm FNs . I did the European PO with 303s for early war as the African constables wore a khaki drill uniform with a cork helmet in a particular style to the BSAP. Go on the BSAP facebook site. All the best mate! John Hop

  2. Hi Pete The blue riot gear was still worn by the A and B Police Reserve and also the Special Police Reserve. Will check my facts there but my Dad was a special with 303, Brit tin helmet painted white, dark blue uniform and yellow shoulder flashes. And that was 1978/79. They patrolled their neighborhood streets during the evening. He was 69 then. All of them old WWII vets with chests of medals. That gives me an idea for another set of figures. Lol! John Hop

  3. JOHNNYWYNN, A Reservists certainly wore cammo when on bush duties also some Field Reservists did too. I have some 54mm figures of PATU members. I somehow got the figures from some-one who lived in Pinetown near Durban and I cleaned up the castings and painted them. Further to this, I am, at present, putting together a diorama of The Allan Wilson/Shangani Patrol in 25mm — really enjoying it especially as I was able to purchase the Patrol figures as well as Matabele Warriors.

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