Creating and Painting INTAF figures

1 box of Perry Miniatures 28mm plastic 8th Army Figures.

Metal slouch hats

Metal slouch hats with brim up.

I cut off back straps and some water bottles and 44 ammo pouches. Gaiters leaving socks.

Trimmed metal slouch hats with modelling clippers and filed with fine file the top and edges to make it look like a bush hat.

Thus the Perry figures 28mm plastic miniatures gave me INTAF with shorts and the NCOs with slouch hats.

Weapons used by INTAF were mainly Lee Enfield 303s of various marks. My figures have the Mk1. Only three or four of the 10-12 man unit manning a Keep would have FNs. In later years Bren guns would be issued and in the last years of the war 303 browning Machine Guns were issued. During the elections they also received MAGs but these were withdrawn after. At a late stage 2” mortars were issued and there is one of these in the box of figures.

I now have to order some 30 cal machine guns with tripods.


Socks, Khaki 26 Humbrol.

Shirts and shorts  mix of 147 light grey and 94 brown yellow.

Skin Humbrol no 29 Dark Earth.

Bush Hats 94 Brown Yellow.

Slouch hat brim up, 94 yellow and a bit of 26 Khaki.

Rifle – Humbrol 9 gloss tan for wood and humbrol (met) 53 for metal parts.

Boots brown

Scarlet band on hats, scarlet 174.

Black spot on turned up brims and bush hats for INTAF badge.

Spray based and completed figures with black spray paint.

Base colour mix of  humbrol 94 and humbrol 29 dark earth. Dry brush with humbrol matt 103.


A keep some were in an isolated area of Rhodesia is attacked one evening by 30 ‘Terrs’ with a 75mm RCL, 82mm mortar, and RPG7 plus small arms.

The Intaf unit of 10-12 men stand to their defensive positions and return extremely accurate fire.

I do not believe any Keeps were ever overrun by ZANLA or ZIPRA forces but then they were using hit and run tactics and more interested in surviving the encounter and looking forward to the 70 virgins in the next village.

IMG_3254 IMG_3255 IMG_3256 IMG_3257 IMG_3258 IMG_3259 IMG_3260 IMG_3264 IMG_3265 IMG_3266 IMG_3267 IMG_3269 IMG_3270 IMG_3272



  1. Hi Pete Sounds good. I will have to pull out my photos of camp defences, and see what I have got. All built on similar lines but probably not as pronounced and covering a larger area. All the best John Hop

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