The Staghound 1966.



1959 was Federation days and the Rhodesian armoured cars were the original Selous Scouts in the Federation army.

According to Wikipedia, in 1959 it would have been the Southern Rhodesian Armoured Car Regiment (1948-1963)

This is the original Rhodesian Armoured Car Regiment (Selous Scouts) cap badge in Federation days. The unit was disbanded on the dissolution of the Federation and the armoured vehicles were shared between Northern and Southern Rhodesia.


RR 1959

Rhodesia Regiment 1959.

The Staghounds were also used for airport security by the RLI at UDI, 1965. They could well have been used by Royal Rhodesia Regt at that time! The Selous Scouts (Armoured Cars) used the Ferrets.

rr staghound.

Royal Rhodesia Regiment pennant on the aerial and the NCO in the turret has a black stripe on red background which was also the way stripes were worn by the Royal Rhodesia Regiment

On the break up of Federation the Selous Scouts were disbanded and the Ferret scout cars were split between Northern and Southern Rhodesia. The remaining eight Staghounds were placed into storage in Salisbury pending being scrapped. The RLI Recce Troop were issued nine Ferret scout cars.

Just before UDI, on 9th November, the Recce Troop, by canibalising parts from some the other Staghounds managed to get five functioning, albeit barely. The Recce Troop with its Ferrets and the two Staghounds were sent to Kariba arriving on 10th November. Each of the two Staghounds were issued with six rounds of solid shot which came in boxes marked ‘Fort Worth Texas 1941’. Shortly after UDI one of the Staghounds fired one round at the Kariba Ranges which caused damage to the gun. It was the last round fired by a Staghound in Rhodesia.

On return to Salisbury Support Group RLI kept 5 Staghounds as an additional troop until early 1966 when they were returned to storage for scrapping.

The Staghound was phased out and scrapped in early 1966.

For this early period the war gamer could come up with a feasible scenario for the use of armored cars in support of troops in the early part of the bush war.

28mm Staghound made by Perry Miniatures.

IMG_3279 IMG_3280 IMG_3278



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