Scratch building BSAP 28mm figures


British South African Police

Scratch building BSAP 28mm figures

While we wait for manufacturers to come out with new figures I thought I would try my hand at a bit of scratch building BSAP figures.

Using my box of Perry Miniatures 8th Army 28mm figures I decided to make a batch of BSAP figures.

BSAP Figures.

I purchased soft hats and peaked cap heads from Gripping Beast WW1 range.

Also I sent off for a number of weapons packs from WWW.THEASSAULTGROUP.COM.

In this case I ordered FN assault rifles for my figures.

Thus the Perry figures 28mm plastic miniatures gave me BSAP in shorts and I added peaked cap heads, 44 ammo pouches and FN rifles. Trimmed off the 303s, and webbing where necessary.

For the BSAP figures I cut off back straps and some water bottles and 44 ammo pouches. I scraped off the gaiters leaving socks. I also cut off the bayonet. In some cases I kept the water bottle but trimmed the cap and straps to make it look like an ammo pouch. BSAP in Patrol Order would also wear leather leggings which were highly polished.

Even towards the end of the war the BSAP in Patrol Order would have a 44 ammo pouch on their hip to carry FN magazines.

I attached one 44 ammo pouch from the box set to some of the figures.

The peaked cap heads and FN rifles were attached using Rapide epoxy glue.

Colours as per my previous post on the BSAP.

I recently bought the book ‘Blue and Old Gold’, the history of the BSAP.


You could have a vehicle patrol of 6 BSAP troopers a PO (Patrol Officer) and 5 constables in a mine protected Land Rover, Leopard or Cougar, in a remote area or village being ambushed. Numbers could vary. Larger vehicles might also be used.

You could have an attack on a remote BSAP post somewhere in the bush. In later years police posts were defended with grenade screens, sand bag walls, bunkers, earth banks, embrasures, and other defences.

You could also have a police follow up after a Terr attack. Police tracking and dog teams could be brought in for this.

IMG_3797 IMG_3798 IMG_3799 IMG_3800 IMG_3801 IMG_3802 IMG_3803 IMG_3804 IMG_3805


Rhodesian African Rifles 28mm miniatures.


Just taken some photos of the other figures based and painted.

It is interesting to note that a typical Fire Force would be 3 sticks of 4 men each in the first wave (12). Carried in by the G-cars.

Paratroop element would be 4 sticks of 4 men each (16), dropping from an aging Dakota. Also included in the jump would be 2 ‘wankers’ who would carry spare radios, clear up the parachutes and tend to any injured paratroopers on the DZ.

The usual stick was composed of a stick commander Lt, 2/Lt, PWO, Sgt, Cpl or L/Cpl. An MAG gunner who stayed close to the stick commander. 2 Riflemen with FNs.

Towards the end of the war and when more MAGs were available some sticks would have 2 MAGs or in the case of one officer in A Coy 2 RAR had 3 MAGs in his stick. Some MAGs would be carried by Cpls and L/Cpls in this case.

The Land Tail would bring up back up reserve sticks by vehicles, driving to as close to the contact as possible. The Land Tail would carry spare barrels of fuel for the helicopters, ammo for all weapons, spare radios, batteries and in some cases mortars. In one case Support Company of 1 RAR brought up mortars and 106mm RCLs in support.

IMG_3688 IMG_3689 IMG_3690 IMG_3691 IMG_3692 IMG_3693 IMG_3694 IMG_3695 IMG_3696 IMG_3697 IMG_3698 IMG_3699 IMG_3701

Rhodesian African Rifles 28mm figures


I thought I would remind all Rhodesian Bush war gamers of the splendid figures sculptured by Kosta Herko, for Eureka Miniatures in Australia. You can also get them in the UK through Fighting 15s.

Interesting to note that along side the Rhodesian Light Infantry the RAR still hold the world record for Military Parachute Operations. 1RAR and 2RAR manned two of the four main Fire Forces during the bush war. With the expansion of operations Indep RAR units took part in Fire Force and this lead to Jumbo Fire Force as well..

Once RAR paratroopers had landed on the DZ they would unstrap their weapon, drop their parachute harness and helmet making a note of where they where. They would then replace their combat cap, inside out so the day glow is upper most, form a sweep line and advance.

Some of these figures are expertly painted by Ashley Straw.

I have still not got a good image of the European officer and there are twelve other figures included of various poses giving you three sticks of troops.

28mmRARstick2BLR_zps63ab059d 28mmRARstick2CLR_zpsd2093994 28mmRARstick2DLR_zpsfd336854 img536e547d748ce img536e5410ec231 RAR firing greens 01 RAR firing greens 02 RAR greens group rar-1 rar-2 rar-3 rar-4 (1) rar-4 rar-advancing-greens-01 (1) rar-advancing-greens-01 rar-castings-01 WIP28mmRARALR_zps4fd3cf0c (1) WIP28mmRARBLR_zps44e7f8bb

S & S Models 20mm Rhodesian Pigs.


António Brás Nunes has done it again. He has produced the Selous Scouts pigs used on numerous external operations into Mozambique against ZANLA bases and camps.

Also included is a Rhodesian SAS ambush protected Unimog. I assume these are mounted with 12,7 HMGs or are they 14,5s?

The vehicles are resin with metal parts and fit together very easily with a rapid epoxy resin glue.

It is a shame we have not yet got ‘Hot Lips’ which was the other Rhodesian ambush protected vehicle used on externals and operations in general.

Anyway well done Antonio and Shaun at S & S Models for producing these excellent vehicles. A must for any Rhodesian Bush War gamer operating in 20mm.

DSCN6907 11164661_427905234058656_8248827751374757594_n 11181586_404357809756513_4525580386179299519_n pig3[1] pig2[1] 330776d1284406807-rhodesian-unimogs-pig[1] 2Ron21[1] 2Ron20[1] 1601053_394366840708974_1690733297_n[1]

RSAS%20Unimog[1] 2,5 unimog drawings fvwr_small

SITREP – S & S Models new releases



Well António Brás Nunes has done it again and produced a superb 20mm resin model of the Rhodesian MAP TCV Puma.

This vehicle was based on the Nissen chassis and was used until the end of the Rhodesian Bush War.

Shaun at S & S Models will be releasing the Puma in the not to distant future. The Rhodesian range is now growing rapidly. You can put me down for a batch of these Puma’s.

Interesting to not that elements of the RLI used Pumas on OP Miracle on the advance into Mozambique.

You could use these as a mix with every other vehicle a Pums or RL or Merc 4.5. I look forward to the Merc 4.5 being produced.

You could also have a mix of Crocodiles and Pumas. This would be seen in the RLI, RR and RAR etc. Check my blog and you will see what I mean.

The regular units would obviously get the latest vehicles and older vehicles would be deployed with the RR and other units. As RR and Indep RR units became manned by RAR badged African troops the Indep RRs became RAR.

954661_406709152854712_4120998432653317517_n 11055370_406709176188043_4044288392247650560_n 11227387_406709089521385_5938338697529324504_n (1) 11269266_406709129521381_9212370534801704880_n 11295707_406709236188037_3290263240799097156_n 11329965_406709069521387_7739742441022724837_n 11351439_406709216188039_4497937371687818682_n

war10 10411107_10153148213301543_8984145475487959227_n (1) 10407355_10205362363892626_3352470927715009223_n 10635821_553015898165247_6556504399433979906_n 10406920_553015774831926_1108006544308926461_n S of Inf Puma and Crocodile 1601334_394360984042893_218249667_n[1] Puma S of Inf detail Puma varient puma varient DETAIL

S & S Models release


It is great to see that S & S Models have released a Bedford with tilt and open cargo area which can be used for the Rhodesian Bush Wars and South African operations.

Shaun has also released a central seating arrangement for the Bedford, so we need good figures to place on these seats.

Shaun says he is hoping to produce the Bedford RL with an open cargo area as well.david prise 73

bedford mk detail






Rhodesian Fire Force 1966-1980


A new book out, perfect for War Gamers interested in the Rhodesian Bush War and a must to have.

The book by Kerrin Cocks the wife of Chris Cocks, (Author of Fire Force) so she will know what she is talking about is an excellent description of Rhodesian Fire Force operations.

The book is from the Africa @ War stable of 30 Degrees South.