Fire Force Models


Well I have decided now to start rebuilding my Fire Force as I managed to get my hands on a number of models on Ebay recently. An Airfix Hawker Hunter and a SA300 Puma.

The Hawker Hunter is in the late war markings with no national markings on it. Still to be completed.

Ashley Straw that outstanding model maker is making my Allouette III G-cars for me, so I await those in anticipation.

The Puma will help to make up a 1RAR Jumbo Fire Force. Jumbo Fire Forces were usually double the size with the addition of South African Pumas and Frelons. Some Pumas did not carry national markings so I have made mine as that. It does not have the tropical filters but I am working on that.

AB 205s Cheetah were also used by Jumbo Fire Forces.

This mix of photos give an idea of the types of aircraft used by the RAR, 1SAS, RLI and other units. By the end of the war the South African Airfoce and Parabats were operating in support of the Rhodesian Jumbo Fire Forces and external operations.

IMG_3281 IMG_3283 IMG_3284 576599_10201407306758570_911447552_n jonathan harvey ab 205 10402605_10203051453221218_1443822312255738136_n images op uric x3 pumas x2 cheetahs op uric 70266028[1] Armed-lynx-on-display[1] 1901733_450434481768876_4594373048856331420_n[1] 1977464_450435281768796_4225456694591748080_n[1] 6b9bc36381afcfe951f0c3385c355f9e[1] 10339956_405842976223562_4299994130053278746_n deplaning-630x329[1]

The Puma

3 thoughts on “Fire Force Models

  1. Ash

    Hi John, just about done with the camo on K-car + 3 x G car (all green at the mo). The interior of the extra Alfa is proving a tad fiddly (but the guns look good), So will finish the others first. I’ve magnetized all the top rotors for ease of transport/storage. 🙂

    • Hi Ash
      Cant wait to see my Fire Force. How do you mount them for a game. I was thiunking of buying the flying bases with the extending rods for table operations from S & S Models. All the best John Hop

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