There were many camps across Rhodesia which were put into a state of defense by adding earth banks, corrugated iron earth filled embrasures, bunkers made of railway sleepers, and also sally ports. Trenches could also be found inside the defenses for troops to take cover during stonks by enemy mortars.

Camps would have helipads and in the case of Deka trenches near the pad. Double Dannet barbed wire fences were also used in profusion.

Company sized units could deploy to these camps to do training or ground coverage operations. Patrolling, follow ups etc etc.

This would make another war games scenario with a group of 30 Terrs attacking the camp at night.

DEKA CAMP 2B DEKA CAMP 2C DEKA CAMP 2D DEKA CAMP 3A DEKA CAMP 3B DEKA CAMP 3C deka camp A deka camp B deka camp C deka camp D deka camp E

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