S & S Models 20mm Rhodesian Pigs.


António Brás Nunes has done it again. He has produced the Selous Scouts pigs used on numerous external operations into Mozambique against ZANLA bases and camps.

Also included is a Rhodesian SAS ambush protected Unimog. I assume these are mounted with 12,7 HMGs or are they 14,5s?

The vehicles are resin with metal parts and fit together very easily with a rapid epoxy resin glue.

It is a shame we have not yet got ‘Hot Lips’ which was the other Rhodesian ambush protected vehicle used on externals and operations in general.

Anyway well done Antonio and Shaun at S & S Models for producing these excellent vehicles. A must for any Rhodesian Bush War gamer operating in 20mm.

DSCN6907 11164661_427905234058656_8248827751374757594_n 11181586_404357809756513_4525580386179299519_n pig3[1] pig2[1] 330776d1284406807-rhodesian-unimogs-pig[1] 2Ron21[1] 2Ron20[1] 1601053_394366840708974_1690733297_n[1]

RSAS%20Unimog[1] 2,5 unimog drawings fvwr_small


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