SITREP – S & S Models new releases



Well António Brás Nunes has done it again and produced a superb 20mm resin model of the Rhodesian MAP TCV Puma.

This vehicle was based on the Nissen chassis and was used until the end of the Rhodesian Bush War.

Shaun at S & S Models will be releasing the Puma in the not to distant future. The Rhodesian range is now growing rapidly. You can put me down for a batch of these Puma’s.

Interesting to not that elements of the RLI used Pumas on OP Miracle on the advance into Mozambique.

You could use these as a mix with every other vehicle a Pums or RL or Merc 4.5. I look forward to the Merc 4.5 being produced.

You could also have a mix of Crocodiles and Pumas. This would be seen in the RLI, RR and RAR etc. Check my blog and you will see what I mean.

The regular units would obviously get the latest vehicles and older vehicles would be deployed with the RR and other units. As RR and Indep RR units became manned by RAR badged African troops the Indep RRs became RAR.

954661_406709152854712_4120998432653317517_n 11055370_406709176188043_4044288392247650560_n 11227387_406709089521385_5938338697529324504_n (1) 11269266_406709129521381_9212370534801704880_n 11295707_406709236188037_3290263240799097156_n 11329965_406709069521387_7739742441022724837_n 11351439_406709216188039_4497937371687818682_n

war10 10411107_10153148213301543_8984145475487959227_n (1) 10407355_10205362363892626_3352470927715009223_n 10635821_553015898165247_6556504399433979906_n 10406920_553015774831926_1108006544308926461_n S of Inf Puma and Crocodile 1601334_394360984042893_218249667_n[1] Puma S of Inf detail Puma varient puma varient DETAIL


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